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it is going to be even harder for short guys to get girls in the US - The Forum For The Successful Shorter Man (Page 1) - The Forum For The Successful Shorter Man (Page 1)
Joined: 2016-08-17
Posts: 75

Democrats are trying to pass a "Family Act", which basically means if you have a kid the government is going to automatically pay you $3,600 a year per kid until the kid is 18, in addition they are trying to pass all these other things like "Free Pre-Kindergarten" tuition.

One of the things a short guy might have had going for him is if he had a job and he could help provide for a kid, a woman might take that into effect when choosing her mate, now that she knows that the government (taxpayers) are essentially going to help pay for her kids, I assure you she will be even more selective, and you will see alot more single mothers who just want the best genes for their kids and there will be alot more tall good looking guys with multiple kids from different mothers and alot of ugly and short guys will be left to pay for them because basic economics says if a person gets a tax break and a handout, another person is paying for it so that short and ugly guy who is not able to get laid is essentially paying for all these woman to have kids with the guys who's genes they desire more.


Joined: 2014-09-01
Height: 5'6
Location: Bronx, United States
Posts: 87

Here in the Bronx you see that a lot. It's usually the lower class ratchet types though. A lot of women up here seem dumbfounded when you point out that most of their kid's fathers have kids with many other women. Of course, most of these men are tall, and if they're short, they have something to compensate (style, ratchet disposition, money, etc).




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