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Joined :2014-04-05
Name :Henry Johnson
Gender :male
Height :5'8
Age :2020

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Short MMA fighter is underestimated and does damage

  by TheGreatest Main Floor
The best jeans store

A store called Jeans Jeans Jeans in Montreal tailors your jeans. You just tell them the color you want, the style and the size and they get to work. They .......

  by TheGreatest Main Floor
No one gives a FUCK about your problems
We need more active members....
  by Multinational Main Floor
It was not your lack of nutrition which made you short
Originally posted by FashionForward


As a shorter man myself, I love this site.

Indeed. I just wish more people contributed comments more often.  I don't have the option of talking about this in person with any other guys I know, so I really .......

  by Gymshorts Main Floor
The Third Richest Man In The World Is A Short Man


  by Fashionrcd Main Floor
Actor Frankie Muñiz Loves Being Short

Frankie Muñiz Loves Being Short

"Frankie Muniz went to Twitter this morning to see if his fans had any questions for him. .......

  by TheGreatest Main Floor
Who is the sexiest short woman alive?

Actually you are both wrong. Women are averaging out to be taller now, not shorter. The average american woman (white) is about 5'5. Google it.

  by GoKnicks Main Floor
"I love short guys said no girl ever"

No point in getting pissed about this. People get made fun of for being a certain sex, being gay, having a certain body, ect. ect. Unless it all stopped, this .......

  by GoKnicks Main Floor
Anyone checking out that Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight?

You guys hear about the failed drug test? "Floyd Mayweather has formally rejected Manny Pacquiao's offer of a $5 million penalty clause should either fighter fail a drug test before .......

  by Jinx Main Floor
I never knew Quincy Jones was 5'6
  by TheGreatest Main Floor
Mike Tyson and why height doesn't matter to him
Mike is a legend and knows what he's talking about. Most of his fights have been against guys way taller than himself.....
  by Suarez223 Main Floor
Why working out is important especially if you're short

I'm older than most of you on this board, and I can tell you that the first thing a woman usually does to complement me is on my physique. Even .......

  by TheGreatest Main Floor
Any success on Tinder?
I got a few dates off of Tinder. Don't know how I did it.....
  by Joshbaskins Main Floor
Maurice Jones Drew
I was a track star in High School. I'm 5'6. Won many awards.....
  by HarryManiac Main Floor
Who is the GREATEST boxer under 5'8?
I never knew anything about Jake Matlala! He died young too! It says he won 53 out of 68 fights, 26 all knockouts. You also have the height wrong TUMD. .......
  by TheGreatest Main Floor
The Famous 20/20 Heightism Documentary
Imagine the outrage if the people lined up were Fat Women with a few thin ones and all of the guys chose the thinnest one each time?....
  by TheGreatest Main Floor
Why do short guys allow this type of stuff to be written?
I dont know... maybe because you cant fight the world and live your life at the same time.....
  by Evilbaga Main Floor
Getting cut off mid sentence during meetings

Why not both? If you seem confident in yourself that will make an impression on others.

  by Wassupbrah Main Floor


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