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Joe Rogan's height attacked by anonymous Sky-writing message in LA

Spending a couple grand to insult short guys. I bet the guy who asked for that is tall.

  by Braeden Main Floor
So you're MGTOW? Is that really by choice?

I totally called her on it. lol

  by Oneshortguy Main Floor
Does anyone have feedback for Limb Lengthening?

I am not sure how to respond to all of this. There is no question that there is a stigma against being a short man. There also exists stigmas against .......

  by TheGreatest Main Floor
Every woman, and short guy, needs to watch this video.

Height-related content begins at 5:30, but HIGHLY recommend whole video.




  by Oneshortguy Main Floor
You will not change society's mind regarding short stature.

Women can escape their strikes

Fat  - weight loss surgery - effective

Loose skin from pregnancy - plastic surgery

Hairloss - wigs - no stigma

Ugly - plastic surgery or makeup - no stigma


Men .......

  by CorporateGuy Main Floor
Is this heightism? You'll know the part.

Heightism affects men 99% more and much 100% worse than women.  No one cares about heightistm against women, they sure don't care about heightistim against us, why should we?  The .......

  by Bigwhereitcounts Main Floor


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