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Joined :2014-03-23
Name :Emmet Lineman
Gender :male
Height :5'3
Age :2015

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Eddie LaBaron. Shortest Quarterback in NFL history. (Highlights) 5'7

  by Minilinebacker Main Floor
Bagel guy interviewed on the Jim and Sam Show (great stuff)

This video really brings a lot of light to the way short guys are treated. Sure he's under the height of what many men who .......

  by Minilinebacker Main Floor
Matt Walsh speaks out about the short Bagel Guy and denounces shaming

  by Minilinebacker Main Floor
Tall woman and short man share dating struggles

So the lady gets so much attention that she has the attention of fetish individuals and has even been offered money for pics of her feet.  Sounds like her life .......

  by Oneshortguy Main Floor
Wait for it... Tinder is about to introduce "Height Verification"

LMAO. Thanks for posting.

  by Shortbadassleader Main Floor
Vulgar tweet, but shows there are women out there who love short dudes

  by Minilinebacker Main Floor
Both of these men are professional boxers

Tall Boxer and Short Boxer | ShortGuyCentral

  by Minilinebacker Main Floor
Heightism on the soccer field

Not really surprised.

Americans are very heightist.

  by Mojoman Main Floor
Confidence is only attractive when you're tall


Originally posted by oneshortguy

Check out "LFA MGTOW" on Youtube.  Look at his "Confidence is .......

  by Joshbaskins Main Floor
Chuck Todd, The Most Powerful Journalist In The US Is 5'2

Chuck Todd | Meet The Press | Famous Short Men | ShortGuyCentral

From Meet The Press. Chuck Todd is Just 5'2


He is also happily married.

Chuck .......</span></dd>

<dd style=  by Minilinebacker Main Floor

5'5 Junior Robinson comes up BIG for the Atlanta Hawks Summer League!

  by Minilinebacker Main Floor
Attila The Hun was a short man

He was about 5'6 according to Google

Attila The Hun | Famous Short Men | ShortGuyCentral

  by Minilinebacker Main Floor
Short rapper holds up well against barrage of height jokes in battle

  by Minilinebacker Main Floor
Don't think you'll always be able to push around the little guy

Seems legit. 

  by CorporateGuy Main Floor
Next time pick on someone your own size!

Tall Guy Picks A Fight With A Short Guy

  by Minilinebacker Main Floor
Woman on NBC panel makes fun of Vladimir Putin's Height.


  by Bigwhereitcounts Main Floor
You absolutely do not need to be tall to command respect (video)

Putin is a legend


  by Bigwhereitcounts Main Floor
5'6 Jose Altuve on the Tonight Show

  by Minilinebacker Main Floor
Does Height Matter? (University Of Texas)

 the "real" woman are going to say of course it does, those who are trying to be politically correct and not look bad for the camera are going to say .......

  by D11221 Main Floor
This was posted by the Tinder on Instagram


Originally posted by marshal This is one whole shit. there are like millions of .......
  by Minilinebacker Main Floor
5'6 Rookie Half Back Tarik Cohen Is Making Noise In The NFL

Love this guy. Very humble, competitive and takes no mess with height jokes and comments. I like his retort, "Akeem is like 5'11 if I'm .......

  by Minilinebacker Main Floor
3 "Interesting" Men On YouTube" "Short Men Have A Napoleon Complex"

  by Minilinebacker Main Floor
3 "Interesting" Women On YouTube" "Short Men Are A Turn Off!!!"

  by Minilinebacker Main Floor
Boyfriend of Loudest Lover in NYC Is A Short Man

I don't know about the mom he is banging, but the daughter in the article is HOT angryangryangry

  by Igotu226 Main Floor
We are NOT going to miss out on great women

Was reading a thread on reddit where a short guy assumes that because he is short, he (and other short guys) are going to miss out on great women. I .......

  by Minilinebacker Main Floor
Heightist girl gets a dose of her own medicine

Hahahah good one!


Women in a nutshell

  by Multinational Main Floor
Black woman devistated by "Colorism" in online dating. Sound familiar?

No one is entitled to dating, sex or companionship. I never see empathy from black women on their forums for short men so there is zero sympathy or empathy from .......

  by FashionForward Main Floor
47 yr old woman single & desperate posts ad but no manlets please!

47 years old and wants to make demands? Lol. Next please! LOL

  by Elpip_226 Main Floor
Interview with 5'6 Real Estate agent who went to 5'10 with LL surgery

BBC Podcast

Richard also talks to Thomas Keeper, an estate agent, who recently spent £35,000 on a surgical procedure to extend his legs pushing his height from 5ft 6in to 5ft .......

  by Minilinebacker Main Floor
Conan O' Brien Asks Kevin Hart If He Dates Tall Women

  by Minilinebacker Main Floor
How many of you date more normal sized than short women?

Majority of the women that i've dated and been with have been my height. 

A few have been taller, by up to 4 inches.

I only recall one that have been noticable .......

  by Multinational Main Floor
Forever Single 31 Yr Old Fat Woman Demands Taller Men In TEDTalk Rant

I hate it when women's tendency to dislike short guys is compared to men's dislike of fat women. Women have a choice not to be fat; men don't have the .......

  by Greenbook Main Floor
"I'm not 6'3. I put that on my profile to keep short guys away"

No Short Guys Please | Online Dating | ShortGuyCentral

Women lie on their dating profiles all the time. We lie on our profiles to be .......

  by Minilinebacker Main Floor
VIDEO: Can Short Guys Get Hot Girls? Tall Host In Shocked At Responses

Gentlemen:  watch this video  This says it all.



  by Harleydude1 Main Floor
Famous Short Rapper Gives Short Men Some Tips

  by Minilinebacker Main Floor
Yet another black woman bashing short men on youtube

Do the same video and change "Short man" to "black woman" and she'll have a boob attack.

  by Minilinebacker Main Floor
Haters jab at Kevin Hart's success and new bride

I get it that Kevin Hart supposedly cheated on his first wife, but so what? So did Steve Harvey and a bunch of other Celebrities, but the first piece of .......

  by Minilinebacker Main Floor
"Today's Women Wouldn't Be Interested In A Medieval Knight Because..."

I see :D



  by Fashionrcd Main Floor
Had an amazing date from a woman I met off Tinder

hi, that's great.... only wish I had such luck...btw im 5ft 3 and 123lbs


  by Peterwav Main Floor
The people have spoken


  by Kimgrobo1 Main Floor
5'5 Kendrick Lamar meets 6'1 Obama

You can tell he is so pumped. Great picture. Love to see this. 


  by Dez Main Floor
Why Daniel Radcliffe should be the next Wolverine!

Good idea. Would like to see it happen. Prolly won't though.

Been seeing ads for a NEW Harry Potter book. Which of course means a new Harry Potter movie. 

Did you think .......

  by Capsrtootall4here Main Floor
Which is the best tall woman short man couple ever?

I don't know much about any of these people. We going based on looks?

  by Mouse Main Floor
5 Ft man can't attract women so pays prostitute to live with him


Originally posted by Larry

Damn now this is just straight up sad. It makes us .......

  by ShortNProud Main Floor
Petition to take down DirecTV's body shaming commercial

I am seeing this pop up all over. I am black. I find most of their commercials offensive anymore. I would have dropped them if I had them over this. .......

  by GoKnicks Main Floor
New DirecTV commercial makes fun of short men ("Petite Randy Moss")

This is the kind of stuff that has been in the media for years and it isn't going anywhere. People who take part in this don't give a crap about .......

  by Spider Main Floor
It's always been rough being a short guy

^ I have to agree with that. If we sit around doing nothing, saying nothing, things will never get any better.

  by Catman Main Floor
Genuine Hugo Boss Belt Size 28-30

What do these belts normally run? Looks like a solid one but I am not sure if it is worth spending that much on a used one.

  by ShortNProud Marketplace
"A short chubby chick like me needs a tall man"

Should read " A short chubby chick like me needs a diet plan" LMAO

  by Larry Main Floor
Oh you're short Superman? You can put me down now.

"Can't fake tall"? What a moronic thing to say. Have you checked your closet lately... You do it all the time with them ugly over priced shitty shoes. 

  by Mouse Main Floor
Did you play sports as a teen?
Parents put me in Taekwondo as a kid.....
  by Joshbaskins Main Floor
Tall guy asks a bunch of women if they'd date a guy shorter


Originally posted by shortoldmd


I'd love to see the same questions asked of single women .......

  by D11221 Main Floor
Just bought a new bike
I have bought a few Dahons. They are great quality bikes. It seems like they are made for us. I feel more comfortable on Dahons than I do on regular .......
  by HossFlat Main Floor
Mayweather gets owned by Maria Sharipova
Both look comfortable with their heights. That's what I see here. Nothing more, nothing less.....
  by HarryManiac Main Floor
James Brown was 5'6. Guy playing him in new biopic is 6 feet.
It sucks. We live in a time where the greatest short guys are played by tall blokes.....
  by FefePapa Main Floor
Boris is at it again

How many videos does this guy have on You tube? He has thousands of subscribers and tons of people messaging him a day for advice. He even does AMAs. He .......

  by Minilinebacker Main Floor
Short women and height pickiness

I have noticed that too. I did date a much shorter woman for a while in college, but other than her, all of my longer-term relationships have been with women .......

  by Shortoldmd Main Floor


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