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Joined :2016-08-31
Name :Jim Nineridge
Gender :male
Height :5'4
Age :2019

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The Facebook Dilemma

You've all lived it: you're scrolling along on Facebook and one of your friends has posted a meme slamming short people.  For me this morning it was a triple whammy:  .......

  by Gymshorts Main Floor
Anyone else dread group photos?

For Minilinebacker:  I get what you're saying.  Here's the distinction I'm making-- she wasn't purposefully trying to diss me; her comment was the usual thoughtless, sideways insult and my point .......

  by Gymshorts Main Floor
Costumes - one size fits all?

No, not Madison-- though i would love to do that role someday-- someone from church history that you're probably unfamiliar with.

I've been happily married for 32 years. My wife and .......

  by Gymshorts Main Floor
Comments we endure every day

To gymshorts and ThatFlyshortGuy

I wish I had your quick minds.  But the response from ThatflyshorGuy is great, but needs to be improved.  Such as "My girlfriend is a DD, and .......

  by Harleydude1 Main Floor


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