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Joined :2014-05-02
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Age :2014

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Anyone here think...

Dude, what's up with the anxiety man? What exactly is it that you're fearing so much? 

  by Minilinebacker Main Floor
Anyone here exclusively interested in taller women?
Evilbaga has a point though. All is fair in the dating game, so if that works for him, then let it be. More power to you. It is better that .......
  by ThatFlyShortGuy Main Floor
The layout here has to change

You wanted it, you got it! Stay tuned for a new thread discussing our ShortGuyCentral V2 roll out in a few weeks! 

  by Admin Front Desk
Why can't I date a taller woman?
Well, Im 5'2, 165lbs...though 145 without any extra chub. Ive seen guys between 5'0 and 5'5 who would barely be 110lbs... so technically, Im heavy too, but seriously, a lot of guys .......
  by Evilbaga Main Floor


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