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Dark Willow
Joined :2015-03-13
Gender :male
Height :5'5
Age :2015

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Methuselah Gene

I am going to ask my doctor to test me for this gene and see if he even knows what it is. lolol

  by James007 Main Floor
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Was Yesterday...

speaking of slavery and MLK, here is a very good short article about a form of prejudice and oppression which the vast majority of human beings on this planet willingly .......

  by Ahimsa42 Main Floor
TRUE RELIGION Tailored Jeans

lol You guys going to fight over used pants?

  by Mouse Marketplace
The dating reality all men (not just short) face these days...


Originally posted by littlemarcus

Oh, darn, she won't date a conservative.  What a disappointment!  I .......

  by Enigma27 Main Floor
Short girls


Originally posted by Dez

I know right! We get called hobbits... They are ninjas. Go .......

  by Dark Willow Main Floor
Is feminism making heightism worse?

No matter which way you spin it, women who act like men and men who act like women... It ain't normal or right. I am not saying this to offend .......

  by ShortNProud Main Floor
When did your height first bother you?

I never got teased that much but I kept a front up. A lot of kids really didn't know how to crack my shell. It was an act but it .......

  by James007 Main Floor
Been using kettlebells.

I was messing around with my cousins kettle bells the other day and pulled my back lol I guess it is best to leave this to the people who know .......

  by Bonez Main Floor
What about men who get short with age?

I think at that point in life, height... appearance... ect don't matter and what does is health. It is amazing how we only care about health when we are too .......

  by Catman Main Floor
How far does heightism go back?


Originally posted by Bonez

Yeah I was going to mention the bible thing. It has .......

  by Dark Willow Main Floor
New look!

I like it a lot but I feel like there should be an advice or help tag too. Some people may join just to ask a question that needs direct .......

  by SharkApple Main Floor
Are the fathers short too?

I never noticed this myself, all the fathers that I did meet were all heights but my friend brought up that he feels like women are more likely to marry .......

  by Jinx Main Floor
Cute couple on reddit


Originally posted by Mouse

I hope the best for them. I really do. I had .......

  by Bonez Main Floor
My friend lost his job because of his height

Well see, now that makes sense and he was fired over something he shouldn't have been but still, not because of his height.

  by Catman Main Floor
How do you keep confidence?

I had to ask someone to get something down for me once. I thought nothing of it cause it was like 10 feet up on a shelf. My wife, on .......

  by Larry Main Floor
Memorial day plans?

I did nothing but sat home and had myself some burgers. I don't drink anymore so it is hard to be around people who do.


  by Dez Main Floor
About preferences...

I wont date bigger women (I am talking 50+ pounds over weight). I just am not attracted to that. Thick girls, all day though. I am not saying it to .......

  by Larry Main Floor
See any movies lately?

Just saw

The Help




  by ThatFlyShortGuy Main Floor
Favorite short dunker?


Originally posted by Jinx Nate for me. I seen .......
  by Catman Main Floor
Struck Gold!

I was going to list of some great ideas until I read this was happening Monday night! I am a bit late. I hope it went well for you both .......

  by Jelly Kelly Main Floor
Top 5 Short Athletes
Eddie LeBaron was an NFL QB in the 50's that was only 5'7. I believe he is the shortest ever in the NFL but I could be wrong. But to .......
  by Bonez Main Floor
How do you wear your tops?

tighter and shorter now but just a few years ago I wore my stuff loose and baggy.

  by GoKnicks Main Floor
Hey there. Glad to hear you have accepted it. So many men don't or it takes them YEARS.....
  by Spider Main Floor


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