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Joined :2015-03-01
Name :Bones B
Gender :male
Height :5'7
Age :2015

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School uniforms...


Originally posted by Catman

I think you are all over thinking this. Most schools only .......

  by Bonez Main Floor
"Mommy" complex


Originally posted by Dez

Some men get turned on by this don't forget. My friend .......

  by GoKnicks Main Floor
Anyone ever do this to you?

My friend did this to me once but this dude is like 6'5. We all poke fun at his height though. I wouldn't tolerate it from anyone else. 

  by ShortNProud Main Floor
Anyone been on Tumblr?


Originally posted by Catman

I agree that you should never judge someone their looks. Hell, .......

  by Bonez Main Floor
Truth in a picture

This is something I see all over online and it is true but women like this don't care because they are femenazis

  by Catman Main Floor
Gap Jeans

Gap was a great brand in the 90's but early 2000's+ they went down hill like so many other companies did with their quality.

  by Dark Willow Main Floor
Liven up bonfires?

Fireworks? If they arent aloud get some smoke bombs and chuck them in the fire. They will color the flames. 


  by Hunter Main Floor
Just food for thought...

LOL drunk rants are always the best! It is all good. I have said things that made no sense before on forums, at least your point was some what valid. 


  by Dale Main Floor
Gay okay, but not short?

This is still pissing me off honestly. I was venting when I posted this and the other post but I can't get over how being gay is viewed as healthy .......

  by Bonez Main Floor
Anyone know anything about anxiety?

I have suffered from general anxiety and panic attacks for the better part of the last 18 years (I'm 38). Personally, I've had some good luck with a mental health .......

  by Sean1620 Main Floor
Do kids notice your height?

Not that I know of but I don't really pay much attention to kids. I mean unless I am babysitting them they are just background filler lol

  by Jinx Main Floor
R&B/Rap Shorties

Wow Prince is short. I am with Kelly thinking he was like 5'6. My mind is blown.

  by Mr Dixon Main Floor
Are eggs healthy or not?
Eggs are eggs. Just like coffee, someone will always debate it. There are people who believe milk is poison, or meat is. Just go with your body.....
  by Mr Dixon Main Floor
First date tips?
You'll know it's going well if she contributes to the conversation, stares you in the eye occasionally when you talk and wants to stick around when the dinner or event .......
  by Minilinebacker Main Floor
What cologne do you use?
Favorites include Curve and Canoe. I know they're old, but they always get amazing comments from women.....
  by Minilinebacker Main Floor
How often do you work out?
Maybe 2 times a week. I am very active in the summer but since I started working last year I don't really have the energy to do it between work .......
  by Jinx Main Floor
Has a woman (you were dating) ever commented on your height?

You're a great man Dunnoskis! Props!!

  by ThatFlyShortGuy Main Floor
Where do you shop for jeans?
Gap and Old Navy for me. I tend to have trouble elsewhere. I think my size sells out to fast.....
  by Dark Willow Main Floor


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