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Joined :2014-04-20
Name :Brian 
Gender :male
Height :5'2
Age :2017

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How many of you stand up to height shaming?

I remember a few years ago being at a family get-together with my in-laws.  My wife has an aggressive, controlling, dominating cousin-in-law who feels compelled to point out my size .......

  by Gymshorts Main Floor
Need some clarity on "overcompensation"?

On a primal level, people sort others in a hierarchical fashion. This means that people subconsciously sort men by size, looks and perceived status (i.e. wealth). With women, it's purely .......

  by ThatFlyShortGuy Main Floor
This will make you rage....

the best is all of the likes and the re-tweets, that is the way you are able to see the real mentality of a woman, if they are all agreeing .......

  by D11221 Main Floor
What is considered short in your country?

I dont really think Denmark has a category of short tbh, nothing i've heard about.

The average height in DK

Male: 5'95 (181.4 cm)

Female: 5'48 ( 167.2 cm)


If you consider the average .......

  by Multinational Main Floor
Is this how people see us?

I think the general issue is self-awareness.

Constantly trying to figure out where we are in the foodchain reguarding dating.

How good looking are we, and what can we get?

As a short .......

  by Multinational Main Floor
Hats for small heads?

47 Brands are awesome and go down to a 5-6 in size. Google them.

  by HobbitLion Main Floor
Midget On A Motorcycle



  by Fashionrcd Main Floor


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