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Joined :2014-01-11
Name :Short Guy Central
Gender :male
Height :5'7
Age :2021

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Welcome to ShortKings

Our site from this point forward will assume the name "ShortKings". We are currently in the process of updating our site. Thanks for your continued support! Stay tuned for some .......

  by Admin Front Desk
We are now "ShortKings".

Our site from this point forward will assume the name "ShortKings". We are currently in the process of updating our site and completing our rebranding. Thanks for continuing to support .......

  by Admin Main Floor
Rebranding on the horizon

Looking forward to this!

  by Joshbaskins Main Floor
The site will be undergoing an update and a name change. Stay tuned!

Thanks for your continued support. This site will be undergoing a major update and name change over the next few weeks. Please stay tuned!

  by Admin Front Desk
Announcement: Forum Ettiqiuette

This forum is for and in support of shorter men who:

• Are successful

• Want to become successful and the best version of themselves

• Are dealing with obstacles that are preventing .......

  by Admin Main Floor
Short And Fat

Hi Everyone. It's worth mentioning this new clothing retailer for Short Men. They have a kickstarter page and are trying to get on Shark Tank. 

"Helping Vertically Challenged and Horizontally Blessed .......

  by Admin Main Floor
Happy New Year Everyone!

Almost 5 Years Of ShortGuyCentral. Thanks for being a part of our forum and we hope you have a successful 2019!

  by Admin Main Floor
Why Short Men Struggle Dating

Love Alpha Male Strategy videos!  I've watched this before.  The only thing about this video is that he seems to tell short guys to basically get over it and it's .......

  by Oneshortguy Main Floor
Heightism Related Resources

This is just a list of resources for those who want to learn a bit more about height related bias:

Support For The Short (Active) -

The Social Complex (Abandoned) -

Heightism Report .......

  by Admin Front Desk
New Community Forum Categories Added

Hi Users!

We recently added the following categories in our Community Forum:

• Famous People
• Questions
• Leg Lengthening
• Dating Profiles

We do plan on updating the forum in the near .......

  by Admin Front Desk
Major site changes coming

Be prepared. In the next few months, ShortGuyCentral will begin a major overhaul.

  by Admin Front Desk
ShortGuyCentral Newsletter

Hi everyone. First of all, I want to thank you all for making ShortGuyCentral a success early on. Starting this weekend, we will start up our weekly newsletter to all .......

  by Admin Front Desk
Summer Style For Short Men On A Budget: Dress Casual

Great article. H&M has great deals on short sleeve shirts. Love them!

  by Shortguywithstyle Main Floor
Poll Feature Added

You can now create polls for everyone to participate in. Each time you create a thread, you will be asked whether or not you'd like to create a poll. Polls .......

  by Admin Front Desk
Category Tag Feature Added

I have been enjoying this feature alot lately. Thanks for adding it in. Makes it a lot easier for me to read stuff I want to read. 

  by Catman Front Desk
YouTube Embed Feature Added.

Now adding YouTube videos to forum posts is super easy. Simply click on the YouTube button in the Quick or Full reply boxes, enter the YouTube video URL and you're .......

  by Admin Front Desk
Post Like Button Feature Added

Now you can like individual posts on topic threads! If you like something someone has posted, you can click the thumbs up like button on the bottom right of the .......

  by Admin Front Desk
Lightbox Feature Added

From now any image inserted into a post using the IMAGE button in the FORMATTING menu will allow the image to be displayed in a lightbox when clicked. Here are .......

  by Admin Front Desk
Test topic by krishhna

test topic by krishhna

  by Admin Main Floor
Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down Feature Added

The new thumbs up/thumbs down feature is similar to Reddit where users can upvote and downvote individual posts! However we also added the total number of upvotes and downvotes in .......

  by Admin Front Desk
Forum Crash Jul 15 2014

Forum Crash On July 15, 2014


Unfortunately our site crashed due to bandwidth overload and we lost some posts. We are using Google Cache to recover some of those posts .......

  by Admin Front Desk
Contest: $50 For The 'Best' Post!

Hi all. We thank you for participating in the AtEyeLevel Short Guy Community forums in its earliest stages. To help boost membership and encourage posting and dialog, we are holding .......

  by Admin Front Desk
File/Pic Uploads

File and Pic uploads have been added. You can add pics to your posts by clicking on "File Upload" when posting. For this to work, you have to click on .......

  by Admin Front Desk
How To Post YouTube Videos.

To post YouTube videos on this forum, you will need to click on the SOURCE icon on the leftmost side of the posting area. Once there, you should format your .......

  by Admin Front Desk
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