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Express 1MX Fitted Button Down Shirts
Shirts   Tuesday, May 05, 2015   0 Comments
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Short Guy Central

ShortGuyCentral is the chief editor and is an entrepreneur from NYC. He also blogs at

There always exists the quest for finding the perfect button down shirt. This includes one that fits perfect, is of great quality, lasts for a long time, requires little or no ironing and easy maintanance. The 1MX Shirt Line from Express For Men has just celebrated its 10th anniversary, and for good reason. It is one of the most trusted brands of button down dress shirts in the clothing world.

In Living Color

Express 1MX Shirts come in dozens of shades. Looking for just the right blue? You'll find at least 6 shades of any color during any given season. If you shop at the store once a year, you'll be hard find to find the same exact shade. Every season, the store rolls out new shades of each color. You can also find patterned shirts. Grids, Checkerboxes, Two-Toned and Plad shirts all make the cut.

Size It Up

For us shorter brethern, M, S, and XS sizes are available. M works out to 15-15 1/2 in neck size. Smaller sizes go down to about 13. That in mind, the aforementioned sizes work fine for the 5'3-5'7 crowd. Several of the workers in the Queens Center Mall branch in NYC were in this height range. Since Express Clothes employees are required to wear their brand, this could be verified. Athletic types will appreciate the EXTRA SLIM FIT version of the shirt which hugs the body an accentuates your body contour. It makes for the perfect fit.


1MX Shirts hold up for years if you Dry Clean them exclusively. If you plan on throwing them in your washing machine, forget it. They will last two cycles at the most. After that, expect stretching in the button area and fraying on the sleeve rims. There are shirts that can take abuse through wash cycle after wash cycle. The 1MX is not one of them. Dry clean these and you'll hold on to them for years without loss in quality.

As button down shirts should not go below the crotch, if you find them to be a bit to lengthy, just get them altered at the bottom from a trusted tailor.


1MX Shirts are a complete win. If you maintain them following our directions, they will last, and we have yet to find a chain who carries the same shirt in every shade imaginable. You literally will want to purchase just about every color and pattern. They work perfect in a suit, with jeans, shorts or anything you can match them with. 1MX is the gold standard in medium priced dress casual shirts. 


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