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An Interview With The Modest Man
Motivation   Tuesday, May 05, 2015   0 Comments
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It's only recently within the last year or so where Short Guys have been getting positive attention online, namely by other short guys who wish to extend their hands and make things a little easier for one another. When it comes to Fashion, Short Guys have never been a demographic that clothing designers sans a few would take a serious look at. The old adage is," if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself". Brock McGoff has done just that for close to two years now. His "The Modest Man" fashion blog for shorter guys touts that he believes that a "man should dress for the occasion and always look his best". While other fashion blogs have similar objectives, McGoff's differs because his blog targets Shorter Guys exclusively. Like most blogs, it's all from his point of view. 


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We had the pleasure of coming across McGoff because when we opened the doors to ShortGuyCentral a little more than a month ago, he discovered us through r/short on Reddit and wanted to wish us success. Thrilled that a blog like his existed, we had to jump at the opportunity to interview him to see what makes him tick, who the man is behind the keyboard, and why he is so passionate about his "cause". Ladies and Gentleman, here is our interview with Brock McGoff of "The Modest Man" (TMM).


SGC: What is your full name and How tall are you?
TMM: My name is Brock McGoff, and I'm 5'5.5". I like to round up, so let's call it 5'6".
SGC: How long have you been doing the Modest Man Blog? What is it about and why did you start doing it?
TMM: I published my first post in May of 2012, so the blog is about two years old. I started it out of necessity. I couldn't find any good style tips for short men. Most of the big style sites like GQ and Esquire had one or two articles on the topic, but they were too general and full of the same old lackluster advice (like "don't wear horizontal stripes"). There was only one site dedicated to helping shorter men find clothes that fit, and it was no longer active. So I started The Modest Man to fill this void.
SGC: What is your opinion on how Short Men are portrayed in the media?
TMM: I think superheroes will always be tall and athletic, just like princesses will always be thin and busty. This will never change because people are hard-wired to find certain physical attributes attractive, and TV/movies do better when they're cast with attractive people. That said, I always love when shorter characters are portrayed as smart, powerful, strong and attractive. Two of my favorite characters are Peeta Mellark (Hunger Games) and Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones).
SGC: Do you think this shapes social attitudes toward shorter guys?
TMM: Definitely. But we're not alone. Consider all of the pressure on women to be attractive. Or on older people to look younger. The media will always shape social attitudes. We should try to change that, but we also need to be able to live with it, to prosper in spite of it.
Fashion For Short Men: The Modest Man Logo | ShortGuyCentral
The Current Modest Man Logo | Source: The Modest Man
SGC: What is your day gig and what makes you a short successful man?
TMM: By day, I work in digital marketing. Having a job that you enjoy and making money feels great, but what makes me a successful short man is this: I have amazing relationships with my friends and family, and a beautiful girlfriend. I have passions outside of work, like martial arts and traveling, that I get to spend plenty of time on. I'm healthy and comfortable. And one of my biggest passions, The Modest Man, is growing faster than I ever imagined. So let people say what they will about height and success. Keep the studies coming. I'm proving them wrong, and hopefully you are too!
SGC: In just ONE sentence, what advice do you have for shorter guys who encounter heightism socially?
TMM: You can't control your height; focus on what you can control.
SGC: If you could choose only one place to buy the following trendy apparel from which place would it be?
TMM: Suits - Dragon Inside, Shirts - Blank Label (dress) and Peter Manning (casual), Shoes - Allen Edmonds (dress), and Sperry (casual)
SGC: Your favorite celebrity and why?
TMM: It's a toss up between Aziz Ansari and Jason Schwartzman. These guys are always well-dressed, plus they're funny, talented and successful. You'll never see them in clothes that don't fit.
SGC: Your favorite movie of all time? Dead tie between Fight Club and Dumb & Dumber.
SGC: If you could do it all over again, what would your choice of profession be?
TMM: Easy: drummer in a rock band.
SGC: What direction will you take your blog in over the next few months? Anything we should look out for?
TMM: I've done so many posts about suits and dress shirts and custom clothing, so I'd like to focus more on affordable, casual clothing over the next few months. My biggest ad sponsor, Peter Manning, is making some really nice casual shirts and that fit great, so you can expect to hear about more about that company going forward. I've also been thinking about using videos to mix things up a bit. Stay tuned! 

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So it's only been two years and McGoff is making some real headway with his blog. He has a pretty large following and dedicated sponsors. The site is regularly updated and wherever possible, whatever he pitches in his blog, he practices. You can see many photos of McGoff modeling the clothes he writes about, along with tips to make you get the most out of those clothes. Whether it be maintenance, gunning for the perfect fit, or to get you that perfect look, McGoff passionately tries to give the user something to take home with each blog post. Brock McGoff is a Short Successful Man. 


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