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 Short Guy Central Fashion
New York Based Label Jaden Lam Designs Clothes For Shorter Men
Brands   Tuesday, May 05, 2015   0 Comments
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ShortGuyCentral is the chief editor and is an entrepreneur from NYC. He also blogs at

Shorter Men, Fashion Designers are finally lending their ears and opening their eyes to such a potentially huge market. Over the last few years, several labels have sprung up internationally promising shorter men cuts designed specifically for them. We've seen U.S. Based Peter Manning and his 5'8 brand for men 5'8 and under. That particular company has had a pretty good hold on the market for the last decade or so. For men in this height range, the pickings were slim. You either would purchase from them, shop on sites such as eBay and Amazon and order from countries like Korea and China whose male populations are shorter (which ironically might put you ahead of the curb for sporting fashion not available here), or walking into your nearest department store chain and peruse the rack for smaller sized shirts.

Jaden Lam Pants

Now, you have another option. Jaden Lam of New York is a new label which designs clothes for men 5'9 and under. Their site sports various dress shirts and pants with sleek and modern cuts imported from Italy and promises "Style and fit without compromise". From what we've seen so far, many of the shirts look like what you would find in any typical dress shirt collection (French Collars, Criss-Cross patterns, etc.), but the fact that they are clear with their message of smaller inseams, keeping everything in proportion and making you look your best shows that they mean business. They don't stop at Shirts and Pants. Sweaters and Accessories are also available. 

You Get What You Pay For

Their fashion comes with a price however. Sweaters are all in the $125-$225 range and Ties start at $125. All of the ties are silk. We will purchase and review some of their items in the near future. Hopefully we will get what we pay for. According to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald, Lam wanted to create a label that sold luxurious, well-fitted garments at reasonable prices. Preliminarily, their black pindot shirt is our favorite so far in terms of looks and trendiness. Consider yourself lucky. Lack of quality clothing for shorter men, save bespoke, particularly of excellent quality should now be a thing of the past with all that is appearing on the fashion horizon. 

Source | Logo (Jaden Lam), Quotes (Sydney Morning Herald), Photo (Jaden Lam Site)


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