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Short Guys Get Love On Twitter
Motivation   Tuesday, May 05, 2015   0 Comments
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Short Guy Central

ShortGuyCentral is the chief editor and is an entrepreneur from NYC. He also blogs at

It's no secret that social media allows people to say things they would think about three times before saying in public. If you're a short guy and are obsessed reading status updates on your favorite social network, then you should be no stranger to the bitter, venomous and cringe worthy comments made by seemingly normally folk from time to time. Just by searching via hashtags, one can pull up several hundred comments spouting hurtful things to men of modest stature on any modern social network. Several Twitter accountshave been dedicated to retweeting so-called heightist tweets made by individuals who would probably go on the offensive if anyone else made comments to their faces for any other physical characteristic if attacked. They say that if you go looking for something, you might just find it. If that's the case, then why bother searching for hate when you could just go out and search for love?

Short Guy Love Tweets

Now That We've Found Love

While you don't have to go far to find love for big, burly men by the fairer sex, a few twitter accounts seek to rack up all of the tweets made that show affection and love to their diminutive counterparts. @ShortPeopleLove has tweets made by everyday people, mostly women who find short men attractive. One tweet said, "Where are all of the cute, short and athletic single guys who wouldn't mind taking me on a Starbucks date?". Another said, "Everyone's always going on about tall guys like "he's over 6ft" but honestly short guys are cute as hell". Those who keep their eyes peeled will quickly understand that preferences do vary and while social norms definitely exist, not everyone jumps on the "me too" bandwagon. The @ShortPeopleLove account is not as active as its hateful counterparts, but we do hope to see more active similar accounts pop up soon chronicling people's thoughts about different body types to help illustrate the wide spectrum of preferences that do infact exist contrary to popular opinion. At the very least, they can serve as a gauge to how posts on social media can connect with the social biases and trends. 

Source | Photo (Getty Images), Photo (Twitter), Tweets (@ShortGuyLove)


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