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 Short Guy Central Fashion
Introducing The Short Guy Central Marketplace!
Style   Sunday, January 17, 2016   0 Comments
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Perhaps you're looking for a pair of jeans with your size inseam without rummaging through a mass merchandiser and then running to a tailor. Maybe you want a blazer with the perfect sleeve length. You might want a pair of socks, a belt or accessory that fits you just right without having to search all the way down to the ninth page of a google search. What if you're a seller or manufacturer who makes items for the 45% of men who fall under 5'9 and are looking for a way to market to them directly? And what about if you're one of those people who have too much clutter and are looking to trade the stuff you no longer want for what you really want?

ShortGuyCentral has come up with a solution for you, the ShortGuyCentral Marketplace. The best part is it's free!


What Is The Marketplace?

The ShortGuyCentral Marketplace is a customized classified forum which allows our members to buy, sell and trade items at their leisure directly. All one needs to do is create a post. It's that simple. Once a post is open, members can browse through the Marketplace and view your listing. Your listing can contain pictures, video and other pertinent information such as location, shipping, price and even suggested height and size information. Once your item sells, you mark your post closed. That is all. It really is that easy.


What Are The Rules?

Posting in the Marketplace is free, but there are some rules. Those guidelines are visible above our forum. The marketplace was created for private sellers. Commercials sellers who wish to sell must use our automated ad manager to advertise their items. Any user may have a maximum of 5 classified opened at one time. This means that if a seller has five threads open in our Marketplace forum, one of those threads has to be closed in order to activate a sixth. This keeps users from abusing posting privileges.


Fashion For Short Men | Introducing The Short Guy Central Marketplace | ShortGuyCentral

Memberships Add Features. Free Posting Is Available! | Source: ShortGuyCentral Marketplace


Premium Memberships are available which allow sellers to have up to fifteen threads open along with bumping options. Premium memberships are paid memberships. Every listing must have a detailed description, pictures, location and a price. Finally, all sellers must agree to the ShortGuyCentral Marketplace terms of service. These terms include agreements to be held accountable for any damages on their behalf. 


How Do I Create Threads?

Creating threads are easy. Simply go to our classifieds forum and click on "Post New Classified". From there you will be asked to select one of our three memberships. They are as follows:


Fashion For Short Men: Creating A Thread Is Easy | ShortGuyCentral

Creating Threads In The ShortGuyCentral Marketplace Is Easy! | ShortGuyCentral Marketplace


  • Basic (Free) - Lets you post up to 5 classifieds at a time. Each post can have up to 4 carousel pics.
  • Gold ($10 for 7 Days) - Everything in "Basic" + Post bumping every 3 days and highlighted titles
  • Platinum ($25 for 30 Days) - Everything in "Basic" + Post bumping every 2 days, highlighted titles, bold titles and pictures and videos inline (best value)


Memberships help keep our forums spam free and help support continued site improvements. Post bumping allows you to bump your thread to the top of the forum which is useful during weeks when there is a lot of posting. Highlighted and bold titles works similar to sites like eBay where titles that are styled can attract more attention to your threads. Carousel pics come standard while inline pics and videos allow you to display more product details for viewers. Take a look below for some example screenshots:


What Types Of Threads Can I Create?

Three types of threads can be created in the Marketplace, they are Sale, Trade, Free and Wanted. Thread types are determined by the seller prior to them being activated. These "Ad Type" tags communicate to the user the type of transaction required to receive whatever item is being featured in the respective thread. Here they are better explained:


Fashion For Short Men: Buy, Sell, Trade or Give Away Your Item | ShortGuyCentral

Different Thread Types Let You Buy, Sell, Trade or Give Away Items | ShortGuyCentral Marketplace


  • Sale - An item is being sold in this thread
  • Trade - An item is being offered for trade by the owner
  • Free - An item is being given away
  • Wanted - An item is being requested 


In either scenario, threads must have detailed information about the product(s) contained there in. All of this information is filled out when a user is creating a thread.


What Information Must Be Contained In A Thread?

When creating threads, pertinent information is required to be included to communicate as much information as possible to possible buyers and participants. Much of this information will be viewable when skimming through the Marketplace so users can get a clear idea of what is being sold without actually clicking on the thread. This way users can spend more time interacting with that they are actually interested in. Required information includes:


Fashion For Short Men: Set Product Type Or Height Range! | ShortGuyCentral

Let Buyers Know Everything From Product Type To Suggested Height Range! | ShortGuyCentral Marketplace


  • Images - Up to 4 thumbnail images to be displayed in a carousel can be uploaded
  • Category - Sale, Wanted, Trade, Free
  • Product Type - Shirts, Blazers, Pants, Shoes or Accessories
  • Suggested Height Range - So users know which height is most appropriate for the product
  • Price - Price for the product if in the Sell or Wanted category
  • Where To Ship - Where the product will be shipped to


What Happens Once A Thread Goes Live?

Once you submit your thread, it does in for moderator approval. Once approved, your thread is considered active. Users can then contact Original Posters by using the Private Messaging function to express interest in whatever is being offered. Once an item does sell, the transaction then takes place privately. Short Guy Central is not responsible for the outcome of transactions, so it is essential that buyers and sellers use their utmost discretion when engaging in communication and a sale or exchange. Once the item does sell, Original Posters must close the thread. Closed threads will be marked by a red closed tag to signal to viewers that the thread in question is no longer active. 


Fashion For Short Men: Marketplace Thread Statuses | ShortGuyCentral

Active Threads Can Be Closed By You Once Your Item Has Been Sold, Bought or Traded | ShortGuyCentral


The ShortGuyCentral Marketplace is truly revolutionary as it is place where individuals and stores alike can sell, trade and search for items made specifically for short men or relevant to us in some way. Stay tuned as we update the functionality as often as permitted to better serve our community! Please feel free to comment on this article or leave feedback in our feedback forum so we can provide you with nothing less than the best! 


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