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Why do so many child actors grow up to be shorter than average? - The Forum For The Successful Shorter Man (Page 1) - The Forum For The Successful Shorter Man (Page 1)
Joined: 2014-04-05
Height: 5'5
Location: PIttsburgh, United States
Posts: 17

Danielle Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Tom Cruise, Edward Furlong (John Connor from Terminator 2), Macaulay Culkin (Home Alone), Lorenz Tate (21 Jump Street) and Nick Jonas are a few that come to mind. Any idea as to why that is, or am I just cherry picking?


Joined: 2014-04-20
Height: 5'6
Location: Bronx, United States
Posts: 10

I think you are cherry picking. Those former child actors "stand out" to you because they are short. Jaleel White (Steve Urkel from Family Matters), Malcolm Jamal Warner (Theo from the Cosby Show), Mark Paul Gosselaar (Zack from Saved By The Bell) and Ron Howard (Richie Cunningham from Happy Days) were also child actors and all grew up to be pretty tall. 


Joined: 2016-08-17
Posts: 46

Ron Howard is not tall, and Mark Paul Goesslar was not really a child star, more of a "teenage" star, and I honestly wonder this as well, it DEFINETLY seems like if a kid is a child star he seems shorter than normal for the most part as an adult, I honestly wonder if there are other factors, perhaps a "mental" reason which stunts a persons growth? I have different theories but I do not really feel like going into it, I am not a child actor or nothing close to that but I think my growth was stunted for different reasons that went on in my childhood home, like if I had been born and adopted in a family that was loving and giving me room to grow as a person I think I could have been around my dad and my brothers height of 6 Feet instead of the 5 foot 6 I am 


Scott Schwartz, David Faustino, Haley Joel Osmoent, Frankie Muniz are others that come to mind who were child stars who seem to be signficantly shorter than average, I am sure if I think about it or do a little research there will be others, as said I do not think it is a coincidence and I think there are social-psychological conditions that can stunt a persons physical growth

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