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So you're MGTOW? Is that really by choice? - The Forum For The Successful Shorter Man (Page 1) - The Forum For The Successful Shorter Man (Page 1)
Joined: 2018-12-22
Posts: 24

So you're a Man going his own way?  Are you sure about that?  Are you really going your own way by your own choice?  It's pretty easy to go Mgtow as a short guy.  Women aren't exactly lining up at the door to date a short-stature man.  So I'm curious.  If you've adopted the Mgtow philosophy, and have gone your own way, was it by your own choosing?  Or was it essentially imposed upon you?  I'm no Incel by any means, but I am a guy who knows enough about reality.  I don't bother with Tinder or dating sites because I already know the harsh reality that awaits and there's not much of a point attempting it.  I have heard it before numerous times...where a girl friend will try and introduce her single women friends to "so and so" and he does "such and such" for a living, etc.  But you can't help wonder why you never quite made the cut for that introduction.  She knows many eligible guys to introduce to all her single friends, but you never came to mind...and as a shorter guy, you know exactly why that was the case but never can never quite call anyone out on it. Another example is I had an older woman who had 2 grown kids take an interest in me.  After she already had been married twice, and had children.  I never quite gave her a green light.  She eventually asked if she were younger, would I have been interested.  I said, yes...probably so.  I asked her how tall her ex-husbands were.  She said 6'3" and 5'11".  I just find it quite amazing that after the youth and beauty are all gone and she secured the "tall" genes for her kids...she's now open to the concept of dating a 5'5" guy. No thank you.  If I wasn't good enough to be first choice then, I'm not really interested now.  I will, however, say that in not marrying, having no kids, and having a semi-decent job, I have been able to accrue a good bit of wealth and real estate that otherwise would've been difficult.  So is Mgtow good?  Maybe.  Share your thoughts.


Joined: 2014-05-05
Height: 5'7
Location: Union City, United States
Posts: 162

Interesting story. Did you call her out on the fact that she dated taller guys when younger and now are interested in a man like you all of a sudden? Or did you just ask that question for reassurance of what you already know. I wish more men would call women out on this deceptive behavior. It's as clear as a sunny day.

I don't think I am MGTOW, but just less tolerant of what appears to be female nature. If I see signs like trying to secure a provider which is what you're talking about, I just soft next them. 


Joined: 2018-12-22
Posts: 24

I totally called her on it. lol



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