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short guy mockery on the internet - The Forum For The Successful Shorter Man (Page 1) - The Forum For The Successful Shorter Man (Page 1)
Joined: 2016-08-17
Posts: 59

some guy went into a rage about how woman reject him or whatever, and it is of course acceptable to pick on him because picking on a short male is the only "acceptable" form of discrimination or whatever allowed in our society

it is funny looking on the Twitter how everyone is making fun of him especially these "woman" who are all about LBQT or whatever or women's rights crap (the person who posted it has the idiotic rainbow flag), just goes to show how the guy is justified in anything he is feeling, in a guys position like that it is about the lowest thing a person can feel because woman ultimately hate him because he is short and they are also mocking him on top of it, and a mans ultimate purpose on the earth is to have woman and they are basically making a mockery of him, so how is a guy like that able to deal with something like that? and this is an extremely viral video, almost 20 Million views in less than a day, all the comments are mocking him, either mocking him on his height or just in general


Joined: 2018-12-22
Posts: 16

I'm so glad this was posted, as I was very close to posting it myself.  This is an impressive video.  I'm glad it is on the web, but we have a double a bit of an issue as short guys.  You would think that this video would present an opportunity to revisit the issue of heightism and height discrimination.  However, I fear that this video is nothing more than an opportunity for people to further make fun of short men.  If short women were discriminated against, the issue would've been taken to court and height would be a protected class by now.  But somehow it only applies to men.  Another interesting fact here is that the man is tackled down and subdued.  Did he have a weapon? No.  Did he assault anyone?  No, yet some tall circle-jerk moron sees fit to brutally tackle and assault the man.  Was that warranted?  If I were this man I would be pressing charges for assault and battery.  Notice how the tall man who tackled him is essentially being heralded as a hero.  For what?  What exactly did he save all the bagel shop employees from???  A customer who vented and was being boisterous?  Big deal.  I was truly hoping for this video to be a chance to bring heightism into a new light and finally give it some attention that it deserves.  Maybe there is still some hope here...fingers crossed.


Joined: 2014-03-23
Height: 5'3
Location: Manhattan NYC, United States
Posts: 187

Yeah, I was just about to post this video as it was on the news. I haven't seen the youtube version of this yet, but I'm almost positive that it would be a cespool of "he has a complex" and "see this is how short guys are" comments. Oh boy.....



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