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Reminded about my height when my tall friends get women without effort - The Forum For The Successful Shorter Man (Page 1) - The Forum For The Successful Shorter Man (Page 1)
Joined: 2014-05-05
Height: 5'7
Location: Union City, United States
Posts: 162

Went out with my 6'2 friend last night to a club over here in New Jersey. My friend is an introvert, and not particularly attractive in the face. He doesn't workout and has a small gut which is visible when he wears shirts. He is an underachiever in every sense of the word. Last night, he was able to pick up a woman at the club within 25 minutes and fuck her inside of his car. A beat up Honda Civic which has a smelly interior.

Another of my friends is 6'0. He has a plain looking face and works in Retail. Not a manager or even a Customer Sales rep. He works as a stock boy. He has women smiling at him wherever he goes. It's to the point that if a woman doesn't pay him any attention, he gets pissy about it. If I am with him, women come up to us and ask for directions. They have their eyes all over him and completely ignore me.

I don't want to come off as a hater. I don't have that much trouble dating, especially since I started working out, but it is a strong reminder that my tall friends will never understand the effort that I have to put in just to get noticed. 


Joined: 2016-11-28
Height: 5'4
Location: Edge, Denmark
Posts: 150

I know the feeling, i had it when i was younger and went clubbing a lot.

I just think that you are not noticing when women are smiling at you.
Neither did i, untill i got into a relationship.. Now i feel a lot of women are smiling and may even be interested. Even if i know they might not be.

Noone will EVER understand how you are feeling, and how exhaustingly much work you have to put in.
And women who are aware of the issue just say "I feel sorry" like thats gonna help, and all of the sudden they feel entitled and better people.


Joined: 2017-11-23
Posts: 2

Tall guys take it for granted, they have no idea what we go through.



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