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Reddit Post: "As A Plus-Sized Woman, What's Irritates You In Dating?" - The Forum For The Successful Shorter Man (Page 1) - The Forum For The Successful Shorter Man (Page 1)
Joined: 2014-04-13
Posts: 18


(Reddit) As A Plus Sized Woman, What Irritates You In Dating?

The parallels between what Short Men talk about and what fat chicks talk about are almost so identical, of course except that the key to all of their (fatties) problems are within literal reach. Anyone of them can get up on any day and lose f**** weight. I don't care how hard it is. Either be happy being a fatty or lose weight and be like everyone else! Check out some of the things people said on that post

  • guys who want to fuck you but would never actually date a fat girl
  • That I'm not allowed to have standards or dealbreakers, that fatty should just be happy with what she gets.
  • Guys who act like they deserve a pat on the back for dating me or shit talk skinny/fit women to contrast. "I'm not like other guys, I hate skin and bones, I like extra meat on a woman". Shut the fuck up.
  • I always felt like I couldn't initiate things because I couldn't assume if a guy would be okay with a chubbier girl. I didn't want to offend a guy by coming on to him. I had to let the guy be the one to ask me. It was the only way to be okay with it.
  • I lost seventy pounds but what i fucking hated about dating at my highest weight is that i would be up front with people about my weight in an internet dating or friend of friend set up situation. Full body pics (clothed), no fancy angles, sometimes even gave them a fucking number on a scale and it never failed that two of the guys would be like, ON THE DATE and tell me to my face that "oh i didn't realize you were THAT big" when i honestly overcommunicated my size to avoid that sort of situation. Also got a guy who wanted to be my trainer.
  • People telling me "Oh, you're awesome. You're perfect and I'd date you in a heartbeat if you were thinner". How about go fuck yourself! I wouldn't date you if I was thinner or fatter.Guys seem to think this is a big fucking compliment. It's not.

How can these chicks not see the similarities? Do I feel sorry for them? Nope. Chances are they too are on the "nope won't date a guy shorter than me" bandwagon.


Joined: 2015-08-23
Posts: 36

would have to completely disagree that being an overweight women is in any way similar to being a short man.  this analogy fails on so many levels.  a more apt comparison might be the opposite end of the spectrum for women (i.e. those who are 6'+ or taller) but even this is not really the same as tall women are very often heightist themselves (as are the vast majority of short women) and many short men would have no problem dating them. if they are also attractive physically, not many men would turn down a women based solely on her height. once again,  this is not the case when it comes to shorter men.



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