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If you're proud of being short clap your hands - The Forum For The Successful Shorter Man (Page 1) - The Forum For The Successful Shorter Man (Page 1)
Joined: 2020-12-19
Posts: 1

Hi Community!

I am not only a short guy but also a light guy: 55 kg on the good days. I do realize it is hard for women to feel sexually attracted to us given their (rather common, not everyone's like that blablabla I KNOW) instinct to seek out a more protective, dominant and reassuring figure for a mate. To be fair, I sometimes feel insecure myself knowing I'd get smashed in a fight against a taller man. This is probably why I turned out to be a rather agreeable person. I cannot really afford to upset other people too much. Cheers if you can relate smile




1/ How to make up for my minimalistic stature?

- Social skills: be interesting, entertaining, empathetic and good at talking. Wait.. it's the same advice people give to ugly people, LOL!

- Bulk up. Hit that gym. Gain mass, so there's more of you. Take care of yourself. Be handsome, at least, Goddamit!


2/ Is the short man an endangered species?

- Yes, I do think so. People are getting taller and taller as a result of both mating selection and increased access to high-calories food. Go check out the kids in your local high school: all of them are tall, it's crazy!


3/ What hope is there for us, then?

- On the downside, Tinder gives women unprecedented access to a massive pool of highly desirable men (aka tall.. ok ok it's fine, I'm trolling) to casually hook-up with, in an increasingly sexually liberated society. As consequence, your regular 5/10 next-door guy is getting left out... and cannot talk about it because as middle-class Caucasian he already has the better end of the stick, right?

- On the upside, attractive sex robots powered by AI will be mainstream in a couple years. I can't wait to see how this is going to give rise to a new class of sexually satisfied MGTOWs and... Okay, this deviates too much from the original topic. In short (ho ho) let me know if you want to connect. Happy to exchange and meet you all!





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