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I hate being a weak 5 feet 7 - The Forum For The Successful Shorter Man (Page 1) - The Forum For The Successful Shorter Man (Page 1)
Joined: 2017-01-24
Posts: 1

I'm into my thirties now and I still have trouble dealing with my lack of height. I measured myself and found I dip under 5ft7 at the end of the day.

Tall friends love having a joke and laugh at my lack of height and my interaction with women in friendly situations is close to non existent. When a women does actually speak to me I get caught off guard and then realise they just want to know about my friend or are asking me the time etc, which brings me crashing back down to earth.

I have to face it that being this height or less is that the majority don't respect you and women see you as undesirable, unless you have Zack Efron type looks or an exceptional personality and reputation.


Joined: 2014-04-16
Height: 5'7
Location: Queens, NYC, United States
Posts: 262

This is a little rough, but there are some who can relate to this or share your experience on this board.

I want to ask.. what is your style (fashion)? Who is in your social circle (occupation, age, interests)? How do you respond to height insults? 

Welcome to the board by the way!


Joined: 2016-08-31
Height: 5'4
Location: Hometown, United States
Posts: 30

Just to give you a different perspective:  I'm even shorter than that - only 5'4".  Junior high school was the worst-- senior high a little better -- in terms of getting insulted and pushed around by my schoolmates who loved lording their size over me.  So, I designed my adult life carefully.  I am in a professional academic position in which size is totally irrelevant and never brought up.  I found a woman who loves me as I am - she is very uneasy around large men - and finds me sexy.  We've been happily married almost 32 years.  I'm telling you this to encourage you to find better friends, find a woman (indeed-- they do exist) who doesn't mind or prefers having a smaller man for a mate. Find a job in which size is not a big deal.  The only time I get insulted about my size now is about once every 3 years from a knucklehead relative or a total stranger.  I now ask them why they are so insecure that they feel compelled to try to bully me.  I ask them what makes them feel inferior.  They have no answer, and they don't do it again.  

Anyway-- keep up the conversation - we're all here to support each other.  Women and tall men have NO idea what we go through. Only we do, so interact with us. You'll find it helpful.


Last edited by gymshorts (2017-02-09 10:13:20)



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