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Forever Single 31 Yr Old Fat Woman Demands Taller Men In TEDTalk Rant - The Forum For The Successful Shorter Man (Page 1) - The Forum For The Successful Shorter Man (Page 1)
Joined: 2014-03-23
Height: 5'3
Location: Manhattan NYC, United States
Posts: 192


Joined: 2014-04-13
Posts: 18

I get that a lot of women don't fancy us, but Geez Louise the entitlement on this broad is next level....


Joined: 2016-11-28
Height: 5'4
Location: Edge, Denmark
Posts: 150

Its fine, i dont settle with anyone with that small titties.....


I mean, lets be gentle and call her curvy, How can anyone be THAT curvy and still have so small boobs????

And reguarding that she dont want to feel bigger than the dude, then maybe she should lose some weight, holy shit!


Joined: 2017-05-10
Posts: 9

I hate it when women's tendency to dislike short guys is compared to men's dislike of fat women. Women have a choice not to be fat; men don't have the choice to be short.

Women don't have a choice when it comes to their body type, but this idea that all men are unattracted to curvy girls is inane. Curvy and fat are not the same thing. There are some absolutely killer looking Latinas and black women who have big backsides. Don't tell me for a minute that most men find those curvy chicks undesirable. I see some of them at the gym. Their tummies are flat, but their body type remains. Lots of men like something to grab on to, but they want something healthy to grab on to. And girls have the choice to live a healthy lifestyle or not.

The dislike of short men is also not comparable in anyway to a girl who has no boobs. If a woman is good looking, no man in the world is going to reject her because she is flat chested. The only reason why big tits are appealing to men is that it is unusual for men to see girls with big tits. But guys don't go around waiting to find a woman who has big boobs, whereas most girls will wait around forever to find a guy who is taller than 5-10 or whatever.



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