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Does anyone have feedback for Limb Lengthening? - The Forum For The Successful Shorter Man (Page 1) - The Forum For The Successful Shorter Man (Page 1)
Joined: 2018-12-22
Posts: 24
Leg Lengthening

I was wondering if anyone here has any kind of feedback regarding limb lengthening.  I stand at 65.5" and am about sick of nearly all 13 year-old boys being my height or more.  I have been researching this for several years and have seen strides in improvements with the implants and hardware.  Did you have pain for weeks or months...when did it finally subside?  Were there any complications?  What hardware did you receive...Precice Nail, Albizza Nail, Betzbone, etc?  How did you explain your gain in height to friends, family, or coworkers?  How much height did you gain?  Did you do femurs only, lower legs only, or did you end up doing both femurs and lower legs?  Sure it stings to spend such a large sum on something like this, but it also stings thinking back on missed opportunities, lack of respect, overlooked as a dating option, being juvenilzied, etc due to lack of height.  I know I will never be the 6' gold standard that has been imposed on us, but even to make it to 68" or 69" would be amazing.  Any information in any capacity would be much appreciated.  Thanks so much!!!

PS...before you tell me I'm crazy and I should buy a house or nice car with that kind of money...I've already done that...I'm still the short guy that has that stuff.  It's the inescapable stigma no matter what you buy or accomplish. 



Joined: 2014-04-05
Height: 5'8
Location: East Harlem, United States
Posts: 94

I am not sure how to respond to all of this. There is no question that there is a stigma against being a short man. There also exists stigmas against certain minorities and groups. Would you choose to be a rich black man or a poor white man. A 6 foot asian man, or a 5'4 white guy? While I don't wish to change anything about myself, I know people feel differently and voice this anonymously on forums.

I have made it pretty far in life and have reached many of the same success points that you have. Though, I can imagine that life would have been much easier if I were tall or even average, I could my lucky stars everyday. If I were taller, perhaps I would be more desirable. Perhaps I would've had an easier time getting into relationships. I could be the guy with several divorces under his belt paying a sea of alimony. 

You might call it sour grapes, but I thank my lucky stars that I was gifted with short stature in hindsight. I can spend all of my money and time on hobbies and when I either hook up or get into a relationship, I know for a fact that the woman loves me for me. Lucky me.

Leg Lengthening isn't a perfect solution. It's not on par with plastic surgery, breast implants or rhinoplasties. You end up looking out of proportion, are immobile several months and it takes years to get back to 30 degrees left of normal.

The demand just isn't there for a "cure" for short stature in adulthood. We're men and expected to deal with everything on our own. 



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