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Anyone else think that the correlation with height and income is BS? - The Forum For The Successful Shorter Man (Page 1) - The Forum For The Successful Shorter Man (Page 1)
Joined: 2015-09-27
Height: 5'1
Location: Unknown , United States
Posts: 54

This is in regards for men of the United States.  The sampling is obviously warped.  There are of course more taller men here in the U.S.-average height being 5'9.  Also, don't careers in sports skew the data?  Sports are always emphasized in the examination of income in which there are mostly taller men-basketball.  I'm also going to add anecdotal evidence in which I go to various colleges; two will be scrutinized: One college is centered towards lower-income students and academics are a little more squat; the other college pertains to accommodate the more stable-income students.  The latter is, of course going to have a higher academic performance.  I checked the rankings between the two on various websites.  So I was at the first college, and what I noticed was that most of the couples were, evidently the girl with the 6' dude.  The culture they had was based off of the '[email protected]' and 'turning up'; you can tell the individuals in this campus adopted this framework and are most likely not centered towards education.  This is basically the status quo here in the first college.  Within the second college, I see something astounding to me: a fair number of short dudes!  In my eyes, seeing a 'fellow short bro' is very rare. (Don't take the 'bro' as a prejudice).  The culture I saw in this school was based more on 'intellect' and 'work'.  You really can tell when you observe people; whether it'd be clothing, language, tone, views etc.  The discrepancy between the two schools tells us something: that the people who focus more on height, or moreover, 'certain looks' are people who are shallow thinkers.  Shallow thinking signifies the lack of critical thinking.  And you know what critical thinking grants right? Knowledge and Power.  I could tell that the second school had less shallow thinking due to the fair treatment I received as opposed to the first school.  So what does this scrutiny of height and income tell us?  That if you 'short' men desire a world with less shallowness and more fair treatment, be in a mass of knowledge.  Through this, there's more opportunity.  Some of the world may scorn 'us' but in reality, the world is limitless.  Screw the people who judge you based on what you're born with and show them what you can do.   




Joined: 2015-09-12
Height: 5'6
Location: Toronto, Canada
Posts: 14


I've been to several work and volunteer related conferences / summits since my workplace hosts many of these events and i have a strong interest in this particular field.

What i noticed is that if the event is tailored towards the VERY successful, wealthy leaders, the vast majority of delegates / guests are insanely tall. Almost everyone is 6'+. They come from around the world and even guests from Japan and China are tall. What's worse is, the majority of women are tall too.

Even though the majority of guests are men the ratio of women to men is higher than the ratio of tall men to short men. I should also mention that these men are a generation or two older than me..


So I do believe that there is a correlation but more like a glass ceiling for short guys trying to climb to the very top. Anyways, it's not something we should complain about because there's a glass ceiling for many types of people.

Last edited by eleyelevel (2015-10-09 14:41:08)


Joined: 2014-03-23
Height: 5'3
Location: Manhattan NYC, United States
Posts: 192

I think a "glass ceiling" exists for just about everyone who doesn't fit society's ideal, even for groups who historically weren't "marginalized" in the most widely accepted view of what being "marginalized" means.

So (unattractive) women, blacks (particularly black women), short men, poor people, etc all have to deal with this extra hard work to attain what the idolized groups can get with far less effort. 



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