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Anyone attribute severe social anxiety to their height? - The Forum For The Successful Shorter Man (Page 1) - The Forum For The Successful Shorter Man (Page 1)
Joined: 2014-04-25
Height: 5'6
Location: Bronx, United States
Posts: 20

Not just on the dating scene, but for everything overall. Sometimes it's tough to even talk to strangers when noticing that everyone around me is so much taller. I've been to therapy, but nothing has come of it since the problems I face are external. Therapists cannot show any real empathy because it isn't a problem they can understand. Everyone keeps telling me my problems are in my head, but I know it's bigger than that.


Joined: 2016-11-28
Height: 5'4
Location: Edge, Denmark
Posts: 150

I think every short guy have gone through what you currently are, me included. Understanding it is nothing anyone can do, only the ones who have been in your shoes. Personally i experience it on and off and i blame my height when people dont take me seriously, interupt, og thinking that my calls are unrealistic and not logical.

I've felt myself insecure when dating and mostly leaving the girl to do a lot of the work reguarding showing interest and setting up things "to my right leg" as we in Denmark call it, which basically means doing something that is so obvious and easy to do.

You might consider changing therapist since there are a vereity out there that handles things differently. You may never find someone who fully understand you, but you might find someone who can give you tools to handle things better. 


Joined: 2016-08-31
Height: 5'4
Location: Hometown, United States
Posts: 63

Yes, in one way or another, at some time or another, we ALL face this problem.  I have friends that edge down and lean against something to be at eye level with me, automatically, just because they love me, love my company, find me fascinating to converse with, and are tired of the eye-level disparity.  I am blessed in that way in social situations with good friends.

Out in public alone I hate being trapped up against great big "real" men.  It is so threatening to me, even if no one says anything humiliating.  I hate going to stand-up parties and trying to walk around and talk to other men who are all between 6 and 14" taller than I am.  WAY too uncomfortable.  I avoid it a lot more nowadays because I am old enough that I don't have to attend such parties very often anymore.  Really-- it depends on my mood.

Chests-- that's what we see and talk to: people's chests, not their faces.  In a random crowd, 96 out of 100 men are looking down at me, and half of the women are too.  To say it bothers me is an understatement.  And yet, I put myself in that situation once in a while. Why?  Because I refuse to live life as a recluse just because it's uncomfortable.  Also, I have an extroverted, take-charge, Type A personality that gives me the appearance of being larger.  So, it bugs me, but it doesn't conquer me.  Craning my head back to talk to all the big men is a literal pain in the neck.  But-- I do it.  

Only you other short guys get this.  I never talk about this hassle with anyone else. Thanks for listening.  

What are your thoughts?



Joined: 2016-08-17
Posts: 50

if not wanting to go out in public is a severe social anxiety, than I guess I have it, I prefer to do most of my "outings" at night, when there are less people, and yea I am sure it has to do with being a small guy in a tall world, nothing worse than waiting in the checkout line in front of some guy 6 inches taller than me  who is I am sure looking at me thinking how much it sucks to be me or getting squished in a crowded concourse at an arena for a concert or sporting event between girls who are my height and guys who are all taller than me



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