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An Idea to Challenge the Heightism towards Men - The Forum For The Successful Shorter Man (Page 1) - The Forum For The Successful Shorter Man (Page 1)
Joined: 2015-09-27
Height: 5'1
Location: Unknown , United States
Posts: 54

The title says all; I will explain:  A way to address heightism is by making shortness , stylish.  To do this, would mean that companies would have to hire short male models.  The problem is, nowadays consumer market economy/culture forces companies and businesses to use only what is deemed attractive; they make what is stylish and trendy.  Becuase there aren't short male models or short lead male actors, we receive this treatment.  Being portrayed as that silly, unserious follower needs to stop.  And thus, being short is considered unattractive.  That's the problem.  As a shorter man, you need to be stylish.  To push this even farther, you need to be kind of mainstream. We also need supporters.  


Joined: 2016-11-28
Height: 5'4
Location: Edge, Denmark
Posts: 150

Its a compelling argument to throw out there, which honestly i've also thought off.
I my self used to be a model as a kid. When i got older and "taller" i was a teenage (13-14yrs) model, even tho i was 17-18 years old.
But as my looks started following my age, i was no longer needed.


I dont think the problem is about being mainstream, or making short guys popular. Its a primitive issue, as humans also are instinctive driven. Men are competitive, women look for the strongest and so on, which makes short guys stand on the bottom of the foodchain, due to lack of "strength".

But the idea in general is great, i just dont think it would make a big different, i think it would have to opposite  effect.



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