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Joined :2015-09-27
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Gender :male
Height :5'1
Age :2016

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I am proud of you guys.

Well, thanks, "unknown."  Indeed, I am very proud that I have accomplished a great deal in life, even ending up on TV for an unusual talent I have.  Let's encourage .......

  by Gymshorts Main Floor
Why are we hated?

I found bullies usually are just projecting on us.  They have some issue with themselves that they can't deal with so they pick on someone to make them feel better.  .......

  by Rdrash Main Floor
What being a Short Man REALLY Means


Originally posted by ThatFlyShortGuy

Unknown, are you saying that you've come to the point where .......

  by Unknown Main Floor
What People Need to Realize about Feminism, Heightism and Short Men


Originally posted by CorporateGuy


An Idea to Challenge the Heightism towards Men

Its a compelling argument to throw out there, which honestly i've also thought off.
I my self used to be a model as a kid. When i got older and .......

  by Multinational Main Floor
Need Help: How can you tell if a girl likes you?

Well, honestly it also depends on your age, since women in the 20s are super unpredictable. 
In my experience, she will copy what you are doing, if you are eating .......

  by Multinational Main Floor
Any MGTOWs here?

I'm in a long-term relationship, so not really MGTOW, but I have definitely read up on it.  I am marriage-free and child-free.

  by Stalleek Main Floor
Short Men and 'Social Justice'
There certainly would be bigots at first who would see this as a joke. Just like they didn't take the civil rights movement seriously at first. However, having open debates .......
  by Standinstrong1 Main Floor
Some Tips for Shorter Men

I'm 5'5".  People have told me that they think of me as a taller person because I don't act like a short man.  I take it as a compliment, even though .......

  by Littlemarcus Main Floor
Thoughts on MGTOW?


Originally posted by unknown

Please express your thoughts on MGTOW.  A lot of women nowadays .......

  by Minilinebacker Main Floor
Maybe Feminist Thought Could Aid Us.

Please note: I am actually not a male-feminist.  I am just an observer.  I try to be unbiased as possible.  I found this video interesting.  Let me know what you .......

  by Unknown Main Floor
I found this interesting...

This video explains some reason why taller men make fun of shorter men.  It can be insecurity or possibly envy.  That is what the video addresses.  NOTE: This does not .......

  by Unknown Main Floor
Does anyone know where the shorter man is welcomed?

I lived in the Philippines (Clark Air Base) for a few years.  At 5'5" I was average in height.  Also, masculinity there is based on the ability to make money .......

  by Littlemarcus Main Floor


Originally posted by unknown

This post may be viewed by those who with certain beliefs .......

  by CopperTop Main Floor
Would feminism help the short man?


Originally posted by ryan10


The Sad Truth.

In addition to this, I'd like to add myself as an attestation.

Frankly, I'm actually confident, I crack jokes, have a decent sense of humor, I like having fun with my .......

  by Unknown Main Floor
This is really irking me.


Originally posted by ShortNProud

I never had issues at work to my knowledge but who .......

  by Dez Main Floor
The 'promise land' for the short man?

I also am 5'3 in Montreal you walk with your head high! But here. In Quebec there are many short people as the average height is 5'9.5"but there are also .......

  by Sgioia Main Floor
This is a good start for justice.


Originally posted by Dale

Tall women are deemed unattractive? Since when? Maybe if they are .......

  by Larry Main Floor
The Issue of Height Shaming

Short term yes, long term no. It will always be on the back burner to racism and sexism. 

  by Larry Main Floor
Anyone else think that the correlation with height and income is BS?

I think a "glass ceiling" exists for just about everyone who doesn't fit society's ideal, even for groups who historically weren't "marginalized" in the most widely accepted view of what .......

  by Minilinebacker Main Floor


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