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Joined :2014-04-05
Name :Brett Norton
Gender :male
Height :5'5
Age :27

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Are you taller than a bat? Philippines megabat has 5'6 wingspan

This bat from the Philippines has a 5'6 wingspan! 

Golden Crowned Flying Fox From The Philippines Has 5'6 Wingspan


There are actually bats in the same .......

  by TinyWizard Main Floor
"Short Men Should Stop Worrying"

A video that posted on YouTube today. I'm not familiar with the content creator, but the comments on the video are pretty interesting.

  by TinyWizard Main Floor
Successful entrepreneur dies from Leg Lengthening


Originally posted by batmanbegins


White House whistleblower humiliated because of height and sues


Originally posted by TinyWizard


 Did you read another story that .......

  by Shortbadassleader Main Floor
Fran Lebowitz said Bloomberg is rich and horrible because he is short

Quote From Article:


"I think it's very important that we don't ever have a mayor this rich or this short. The richness .......

  by TinyWizard Main Floor
23andMe DNA test to figure out why shortness is prevalent in my DNA?

23andMe is a mail-in DNA test. You basically can swab your cheek and send it in for reporting. I already know my immediate background, but am wondering if some unknown .......

  by TinyWizard Main Floor
Overheard a dad ask his daughter how tall the guy she likes is

I agree with some of the above posts. He could have been relieved that the boyfriend was shorter than him so that just in case he feels there's a need .......

  by Shortbadassleader Main Floor
Why do so many child actors grow up to be shorter than average?

David Faustino from Married With Children is 5'3. As a teen on the show, his height was always a point for jokes and insults. 

  by Suarez223 Main Floor
How hard is it re-stimulate the growth plates?

There seems to be a plastic surgery for just about everything - eyes, face, nose, hands, butt, penis, vagina, abs, but the only thing available to men who want to .......

  by TinyWizard Main Floor
How I feel when I visit the midwest

Tall Women & Short Men | ShortGuyCentral

  by TinyWizard Main Floor
Even 5'10 is too short for Tinder

5'10 Is Too Short For Tinder | ShortGuyCentral

  by TinyWizard Main Floor
Tall attractive awkward guy with no confidence gets numbers [VIDEO]

these youtube videos are the best in seeing how a girl is really feeling about a short guy, if a short guy is going up to a girl with these .......

  by D11221 Main Floor
How did you feel when you knew you stopped growing?

When i was in my teens, it dawned on me that all of my friends were suddenly morphing into real men, and that I would be stuck forever in the .......

  by Gymshorts Main Floor
Dahon Mu SL 10 Folding Bike

MIKESSHULMAN. Your phone number was removed. Please follow ShortGuyCentral Marketplace guidelines as outlined in our Terms Of Use. Contact information should only be exchanged through Private Messages. 

  by Admin Marketplace
Disrespect from colleagues
As others have pointed out, you lost points waiting for things to go this far. If you're supervising a team, then it is up to you to stand up when .......
  by TheGreatest Main Floor
Lloyd Blankfein CEO of Goldman Sachs is only 5'4
Not even a hint? Come on! You don't have to tell us where you work or what your exact job title is. What field do you work in?....
  by TurtlePower Main Floor


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