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Joined :2014-04-06
Name :Joaquin Estevez
Gender :male
Height :5'8
Age :2020

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The best thing that never happened (i.e. Tall men get rejected also!)

This is just a great story where Richard Cooper (presenter) talks about how he was rejected from a life dream because of his height and .......

  by TheDestroyer Main Floor
Hilarious - Woman complains about men not choosing her

  by TheDestroyer Main Floor
Terrance Ruffin, 5'5 Bodybuilder

  by TheDestroyer Main Floor
Rod Sterling from the Twilight Zone was 5'4

Famous Short Men | Rod Sterling | ShortGuyCentral

  by TheDestroyer Main Floor
Vietnamese man does interview about his 3.5 leg lengthening operation


Originally posted by david170cm

How about some English subtitles?


  by Multinational Main Floor
Rio Fedinand is "surprised" Messi is great because he isn't tall

Right because only tall people should succeed in sports.....

  by TheDestroyer Main Floor
"You'd Rather Date A Divorced Man With Kids Than A Short Guy"?!!!

Single woman, a Doctor is pondering why she hasn't met her Prince Charming yet. Starts at 48:09 and ends at 55:55)

  by TheDestroyer Main Floor
6'0 woman dating a 5'6 man. It is possible guys...

  by TheDestroyer Main Floor
Was the Mayweather vs McGregor fight great for smaller guys?

Once upon a time boxing was for the big boys, think Tyson, Holyfield, Ali. Nowadays Boxing is dominated by Smaller Men. Conor McGregor is the best of MMA/UFC while Floyd .......

  by TheDestroyer Main Floor
5'9 guy who knocks out 6'3+ opponents with ease in MMA

That was a pretty big height difference. Are there any examples of someone in the 5'5 or 5'6 range knocking out someone with a similar height differential? It's a good .......

  by TinyWizard Main Floor
Danny Padilla tribute (5'2 Bodybuilder)

  by TheDestroyer Main Floor
McGregor calls out Mayweather for wearing high heels (lifts)

  by TheDestroyer Main Floor
Female professional says bias against Short Men is okay in Quora

From Quora Thread entitled "What is tall for you?"

Hi there, you are plenty tall enough to find a great girl assuming you behave well and have a .......

  by TheDestroyer Main Floor
Daily Mail reports Congress Shooter as 5'6, "rude" "lonely" & "creepy"

as someone said the Daily Mail is infamous for its bashing of the short males as well as other "minorities" they are able to get away with, it is about .......

  by D11221 Main Floor
Tall guy gets knocked out by short guy in a fight (video)

A lot of tall guys think they'll automatically win due to height alone. Only someone like Floyd Mayweather will a tall guy think "oh yeah, he'll be hard to beat".

The .......

  by Ant675 Main Floor
Study says short men more likely to go bald than taller men.

Daily Mail is full of sh**. According to Daily Mail, short men are more likely to have cancer, more likely to have receeding hairlines, more likely to have a heart .......

  by Suarez223 Main Floor
The great Stevie Ray Vaughan was just 5'6

  by TheDestroyer Main Floor
Feels good when women like this are shut down

If that is her face, she should not insult others.  She is plain, very plain.

  by Harleydude1 Main Floor
Michael Caldwell discusses heightism in 2003
Too bad he is also known for his homophobia. Shame because he had a lot of insight to offer on this subject.....
  by JamesFreakingFranco Main Floor
What advice do you have for me? I'm 5'8 and want 9s and 10s.


Originally posted by Larry

Hey there. I know this is a bit old so I .......

  by SharkApple Main Floor


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