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Joined :2014-09-01
Name :Pedro 
Gender :male
Height :5'6
Age :2016

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Hot 97 interviews bagel guy (Chris Morgan)

  by Suarez223 Main Floor
Inside Edition trolls bagel guy. Really short men can't catch a break.

  by Suarez223 Main Floor
"Want a man taller than you"? 33 yr old wall hitter demands height she says "I'm 5' 11" in heels, so I'm very tall.  But I'm 5' 6" normally."  So now it's customary to claim your height with five extra inches of .......

  by Oneshortguy Main Floor
Could you date a short guy? Black women discuss height.

  by Suarez223 Main Floor
Don't give up on love


Originally posted by d11221

yea once women have lost their looks, their husbands or boyfriends .......

  by Minilinebacker Main Floor
When Size Doesn't Matter In MMA (Unexpected Knockouts)

Size does matter in fights, that's why the have weight classes, but skilled fighters are skilled fighters. Some might argue that in a fight where both fighters are skilled, the taller guy .......

  by TheDestroyer Main Floor
Does Height Matter? Asking Twitch Girls

  by Suarez223 Main Floor
Can Short Guys Get Hot Girls (Shocking Street Interview)

  by Suarez223 Main Floor
What was life like for you in High School?

Wasnt to bad actually, I ony got aware of the short guy issue the last year of highschool.

  by Multinational Main Floor
Bruce Lee was 5'6!


According to wikipedia average height of Hong Kong men 2006: 5'8. 


I myself am Chinese Canadian. Data seems accurate. 

  by Eleyelevel Main Floor
DJ Kahled is 5'6. Had no idea

DJ Khaled Is 5'6 | Short Men | ShortGuyCentral

  by Suarez223 Main Floor
Kendrick Lamar Is 5'5. Just A Reminder.

short men are driven alot more than average or tall men to be "famous" because that is the only way you are really going to be seen as respectable in .......

  by D11221 Main Floor
Youtuber "Angry Picnic" is a great pickup artists at 5'6


Originally posted by d11221

yea and every girl happens to have a boyfriend or has .......

  by Minilinebacker Main Floor
Anyone here short and a minorty? (black, latino, asian, indian, etc)

Not trying to sound racist or anything, but thank god I am not white. As a Latino, people almost expect me to be short and I see less people in .......

  by Suarez223 Main Floor
Guy In Lifts Asks If Height Matters, Gets BRUTAL Answers [VIDEO]

Brutal. Just brutal. The guy has on lifts making him close to 6'. Takes off those 4 inch lifts and watch all of the women's .......

  by Suarez223 Main Floor
Wow @ this reddit post about being ditched on a date because of height

Its the worst feeling in the world!

There have been countless stories like this one. I my self have a few somewhat similar stories.

The worst part is, that she prolly didnt .......

  by Multinational Main Floor
Short men who are/have been married, how did you meet your wife?

Yes-- I've talked about this before on other posts.  My wife was not at all disappointed with my height.  Truth be told, she finds tall men to be threatening, domineering .......

  by Gymshorts Main Floor
Anyone salty when they hear women talk about "body acceptance"?

Honestly that is a VERY good point, i dont know why i never thought of that. That is a argument winning statement. Thank you that very strong card!

  by Multinational Main Floor
Anyone see that short guy episode of that stupid show "The Real"?
  by Suarez223 Main Floor
Found the perfect suit

I will have to check them out. How much did it run you?

  by Spider Main Floor
New boo is 5'10
My tallest was a 5'8 woman that was 2 inches taller than me. She actually preferred men to be her height or shorter, which should have been a red flag .......
  by Dale Main Floor
Anyone swole up?
I have been body building for 10 yrs. I've calmed down recently. I go to the gym four days a week and spend no more than 45 minutes when I .......
  by TheDestroyer Main Floor

I found this place after googling "short guys". I look forward to chatting and learning a thing or two while here. It's nice to see a community of people who .......

  by Suarez223 Main Floor
Is it easier being Short and Hispanic or Asian?
Its almost like people expect Latinos and Asians to be shorter.....
  by Youngforever Main Floor


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