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Joined :2015-03-26
Gender :male
Height :5'5
Age :2015

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Are men's heels making a come back?


Originally posted by Larry

Oh God I hope not. These look horrid! I don't need .......

  by ShortNProud Main Floor
Is it fair to assume...


Originally posted by Dale

It isn't fair to assume anything honestly. When you thin about .......

  by Dez Main Floor
Dating advice?

You have to talk about everything when you meet online. If height wasn't brought up yet, it shoul be brought up before you meet. 

  by Larry Main Floor
I don't get this one...

I highly doubt this sign lasted long after the wrong... or should I say right person seen it.

  by Mr Dixon Main Floor
Does more muscle make you look shorter?

Yeah I agree with most of the comments too I mean it is all a eye trick just like certain clothing makes us thinner or wider.

  by Bonez Main Floor
Would you date a woman under 4'9?

If she is a hotty why notty? LOL Okay I will stop being corny but seriously, yes. I am a short man so if anything I would feel tall.

  by GoKnicks Main Floor
Do Short Men Rule The World?


Originally posted by Bonez

Nah Clinton is a tall dude. I met him in person .......

  by James007 Main Floor
Gamer douche bag

Calling him a douche is a compliment. I am trying to think of what to say about this without swearing here... I will just leave it at this : guys .......

  by Larry Main Floor
Do you care about hair color?

I don't care what color it is, I just prefer natural color. As mentioned above, when it looks fake it looks bad. It is hard to pull off looking a .......

  by Mr Dixon Main Floor
I think someone at work likes me

Thanks for all your responces. I found out that yes, she does like me... more than she should. She has a boyfriend already as well. I wasn't going to take .......

  by ShortNProud Main Floor
Thin or thick?

I prefer thick women, not fat women. I would say a size 6 to 12. That is my ideal range. Women under a size 6 are too thin and women .......

  by James007 Main Floor
Summer is pretty much here

How has everyone's summer been thus far? I need to get out more. I haven't been outside as much as I had hoped been too busy with work. 


  by Bonez Main Floor
What do you sleep in?


Originally posted by Dark Willow

I am the same as Dixon, always naked with a .......

  by James007 Main Floor
This drunk


Originally posted by ShortNProud


My female boss...

I would say that it can be one, the other, or both. How has it been lately? If you can, why not ask the dude what is up with that. .......

  by Dez Main Floor
Board Shorts vs Trunks

I am guessing you found some by now eh? I just got some from Target that fit great on me. only $15 too.

  by Catman Main Floor
What are you getting you mom for mom's day?

I got my mother some flowers, candy and a necklace. The necklace is her birthstone with a heart and is says "Mom" on a silver tag behind it.

  by Dark Willow Main Floor
How to dress (video)


Originally posted by 2B Frank Basic info most men .......
  by Spider Main Floor
Why do men who are short feel the need to have more muscle?

I have heard tall thinner men joke about this more than more built taller men. I honestly think it is just a way to say "I can be skinny and .......

  by GoKnicks Main Floor
Style & Life Advice For Short Guys

I am 5'9 and I am short in my family. lol I can see 5'9 being average before tall, but also short before tall as well.

  by Mouse Main Floor
What do tall women think of short guys (video)


Originally posted by Catman I don't think this is .......
  by Bonez Main Floor
Why are husbands taller than their wives?


Originally posted by Mr Dixon

No offense to the OP but this is a joke .......

  by ShortNProud Main Floor
Where can I find short button up shirts?
Check out the articles here about Uniqlo and Express. You can easily buy an XS or an S. If they're still to big, just get them altered. I've had some .......
  by TheDestroyer Main Floor

Hello! Welcome! I haven't found any other short-guy friendly forum either myself. I like this one. Very easy to use and free from useless information.

  by SharkApple Main Floor


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