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Joined :2014-04-07
Name :Carl 
Gender :male
Height :5'4
Age :0

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Have there been any advances in Leg Lengthening or Stem Cell Therapy?

I don't think there is enough interest or funding going into it. However with social media, Leg Lengthening is getting all of the attention because it is something that can .......

  by Minilinebacker Main Floor
Has being short made you understand white privilege?

"Yeah, but all of what you mentioned about "black men" are lost if he's under 5'10. None of the Asian privileges are mitigated .......

  by Newtonsghost Main Floor
Your favorite sneakers?

Gotta say the new Nike Cortes sneakers look awesome with just about anything. 

  by Shortguywithstyle Main Floor
What you look like after 12 cm of Leg Lengthening


  by Fashionrcd Main Floor
Tricks used to make actors taller?

I would like to know how they make actors look taller in the movies. In Collateral with Tom Cruise, him and Jamie Foxx look about the same height. There is .......

  by R2D2 Main Floor
Any of you have taller gym buddies and do similar workouts?

10% bodyfat. Put on 24lbs of muscle in 10 months with extensive training (4 hours a day). My gym buddy isn't tall, about 5'10 or, and has not made the .......

  by SunnyD Main Floor
ShorterBloggess does a Blog on an ABC Video about Heightism

Check it out


  by R2D2 Main Floor


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