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Joined :2014-04-21
Name :Matthew 
Gender :male
Height :5'3
Age :30

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Can we get some new articles and a site update please?

You can always write the webmaster. 

  by Suarez223 Main Floor
How do you deal with people calling you or other short men "midget"?

Be it in casual conversation or being called it outright, I noticed that the offender diverts by saying "it was a joke" or "out of love" or some other way .......

  by MrNo1 Main Floor
6'2 Arnold Schwarzenegger and 5'5 Frank Colombu

They were best friends apparently, and when Schwarzenegger married Maria Shriver, Colombu was his best man. 

  by MrNo1 Main Floor
Where are all of you guys from? (Ancestry/Ethnicity)

Just curious! 

  by MrNo1 Main Floor
Pretty funny huh....

seems staged. And reverse? blue texter should be the one asking for height?

But no, not funny at all..

  by Multinational Main Floor
Would You Date A Shorter Guy? [Kama TV]

Same story every time there is really nothing new.

  by Multinational Main Floor
Manga series "Attack On Titan" portrays short guys as "cool"

Attack On Titan | Short Guys Are Cool | ShortGuyCentral

Gotta love Anime. They tend to portray short guys as the "cool underdog" unlike a .......

  by MrNo1 Main Floor
New growth plate regeneration technology will make you taller

Before you know it, new technology will be able to make us taller even well after puberty. Research is underway to regenerate growth plate tissue and is showing promising results: 

  by MrNo1 Main Floor
Do short guys really have inferiority complexes? I don't...

Why do people insist that short guys are somehow always "angry"? Most short people I know are more friendly and easy going where as a lot of the taller people .......

  by MrNo1 Main Floor
Young John Cleese uses a short man and heightism in skit about class

  by MrNo1 Main Floor
Can you jump this high?
My buddy at work is only 5'6 and he can jump higher than our other co-worker who is 6'.....
  by Spider Main Floor
The heels argument
If she makes a big deal out a heels in the sense that she would choose her shoes over you then forget about her and move on! What my significant .......
  by Steviejobs22 Main Floor


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