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Joined :2015-05-13
Name :Jack Bender
Gender :male
Height :5'9
Age :2015

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Middle sizes sell out the fastest...

Try having a bit of a gut and finding clothes that fit. lol I think ShortNProud put it best.

  by Bonez Main Floor
Break Up Story

I think it is a bit of both. She wanted someone taller only because her friends rejected the idea of her being with someone shorter so she put her feelings .......

  by Catman Main Floor
Height and Halloween?


Originally posted by Larry


Trying to get in better shape

Thanks for all your replies fellas. I decided to actually join my buddy's brother's gym. It is only for men and most men are on the shorter side from what .......

  by Mouse Main Floor
My younger brother's new girlfriend...

Yeah that is normal here too. Either way your bro should have stuck up for ya I am sure out would have done the same.


  by Hunter Main Floor
Random thoughts with God and height

It is a shame. I feel like the best lessons about life are in that book and so many people judge it based on the actions of some sour and .......

  by Jelly Kelly Main Floor
Harry Houdini 1994

Butt hurt people will always complain. I don't get why you would have someone that much taller than his real height though. Maybe 5'6... 5'7 tops. Going that over board .......

  by James007 Main Floor
Do bigger girls care more about height?

In my experience definitely. A a bigger girl is more self-concious and critical of her weight and wants to look as small as possible next to her weight. This is .......

  by Captainjack987 Main Floor
What length is best for a suite jacket?

Did you go get meassured? As others said that is the best option.


  by Dark Willow Main Floor
If you can be anyone for 48 hours, who would it be?


Originally posted by joshbaskins

Al Pacino. 

I knew someone was going to say him! 


For me, I .......

  by SharkApple Main Floor
Do skinny jeans/tight jeans make you feel shorter?


Originally posted by Bonez

I honestly feel like it makes me look fatter not shorter. .......

  by Mouse Main Floor
Taller brothers?

I am sorry this happened to you. I can't imagine how it must of felt. I know it sucks and stings but you can't let one woman ruin your chances .......

  by Larry Main Floor
Hello Everyone

Hey there Jackson! You certainly are one of our taller members but I can see why you feel short! I hope you are enjoying it here as much as I .......

  by Bonez Main Floor


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