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Joined :2015-04-23
Name :Larry White
Gender :male
Height :5'6
Age :2015

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Viral video lol


Originally posted by jackman

This is a work clearly but still funny. I think the .......

  by SharkApple Main Floor
How much does it cost to take in and shorten jeans?

For the short guy ! they can tailor or buy their pants and shirt :)

  by Fashionrcd Main Floor
How did you meet you SO?

I was in and out of relationships the last two years but I am hoping to add something to this thread soon, assuming the first date goes well. We shall .......

  by ShortNProud Main Floor
Looking for a jacket brand

I forgot I asked this here. I ended up checking out Target and found a pretty decent one for $30. I would like to get a legit leather jacket but .......

  by Larry Main Floor
A Designer Launched A Clothing Line Just For Short Guys

You need to keep up with the trends dude. He has been making clothing for years. This line is newer but the name drop should have set a red flag .......

  by Dark Willow Main Floor
Social Complex - Short vs Tall

I have to say something here. Most taller guys I know don't even like trucks but I love them. lol I think this may have come from a bs blog .......

  by GoKnicks Main Floor
Who's ready for football season?

I been checking out the preseason highlights. I feel like this season is going to be filled with worthy upsets and amazing games.

  by Mouse Main Floor
My friend got ripped off

Yeah I know a few people who had this happen with weight loss pills. No one reads the fine print and then they complain.

  by Dez Main Floor
Halloween In July

Post a pic if you can, I gotta see what you ended up looking like haha

  by Jinx Main Floor
These pissed me off

I don't mind pages like this but at the same time, you are just giving these peopel credit and more of a reason to keep doing and saying these things.

  by Dale Main Floor
Getting a new cat

You should post a pic when you can. I love seeing kittens. haha I had a black and white cat growing up. Now I just have a husky names Tuscan. 

  by Dez Main Floor
Anyone else hate clubs?


Originally posted by Mr Dixon

You couldn't pay me to attend one. Bad music and .......

  by Catman Main Floor
What is the thing you find hardest to buy?

I simply experience difficulty shopping when all is said in done. Haha, I disdain it and I never understand what looks best on me so I attempt to dodge it. .......

  by Curtjohn78 Main Floor

A late welcome from me! haha I am glad to see so many great members joining lately. You sound like cool people :)


  by Bonez Main Floor


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