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Joined :2014-03-23
Name :Joseph Staphman
Gender :male
Height :5'6
Age :2017

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Do Men Really Have Privilege? (Video)

We know about the suicide rates and that men have to go to war when there's a draft. How is that "privilege"? 

  by CorporateGuy Main Floor
Stefan Molyneux Gives Advice For Both Tall & Short Men

Prince commented on an old interview that he was regularly mocked and bullied because of his short stature. Molyneux gets it right when he mentions "external forces". You can't do .......

  by FashionForward Main Floor
Ever not able to defend yourself or someone because of your size?

Different sizes have different advantages. I haven't had to fight since the school yard days, but I beat the bigger bully because I was small and flexible. Today I'd be .......

  by Aragorn Main Floor
Why is leg lengthening looked down on or plastic surgery in general?

I'm no scientific expert, but I think it has something to do with it being socially acceptable for a woman to be insecure about her looks where a man is .......

  by CharlieHaus Main Floor
If you woke up 6' tomorrow, how would you benefit the most?

I would immediately change my heigh on my tinderprofile to attract more clamydia beetles!

Then i would date as many as i could, and ask them, if i was shorter, if .......

  by Multinational Main Floor
Drink milk so you can be strong like your father.

I think it's very important that parent's pay attention to giving their kids proper nutrition, making sure they engage in lots of physical activity to stay fit and having them .......

  by Ateyelevel Main Floor
Job interview advice
Did u know ur gonna kick some butt with computer science degree? 80k+ a year!! I have a friend who was making 90k straight from UCLA. Most drop out from class. splendid! Another .......
  by Groove311 Main Floor
Looks Like I'm First! New Here!

Hey everyone! I'm new to this place but have been lurking for a little while now out of curiosity. The concept behind AEL is new and awesome. Finally there is .......

  by JoeBlack Main Floor


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