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  • ยป Jinx Profile

Joined :2015-03-13
Name :Jason 
Gender :male
Height :5'6
Age :2015

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A bit fed up...


Originally posted by Jinx


5'3 boyfriend to a "taller' girlfriend


Originally posted by Mouse


Flirt worthy


Originally posted by SharkApple

It seems like the women you are choosing to approach many .......

  by Mouse Main Floor
How attractive do you see yourself?

7 for me. I am not the BEST looking but I know I am attractive. Women do notice me all the time and do look. 


  by Catman Main Floor
No show socks?

I think most sport shops sell these. Like a Dicks for example. I see them all the time on sale there. 

  by Larry Main Floor
Kevin Hart on "height"

This is from 2014 I think. I remember my friend having me watch it. I like the dude. Me and some friend's saw him live and his confidence is out .......

  by James007 Main Floor
"Tall" now grants you better schooling


Originally posted by Jinx


Women set goals to have tall children now?

Holy crap! How did i miss this? What the heck is wrong with this woman? I feel sorry for children who have to grow up with these plastic parents who .......

  by Bonez Main Floor
This bimbo...

I gotta agree with Larry. She isn't a height bashing woman, she is a gold digger. lol



  by Mouse Main Floor

I don't know why I let it get to me like that. We broke up because we just weren't enjoying each other anymore and we always would fight but it .......

  by Jinx Main Floor
How do you feel about mainstream music?

I like some stuff but it does all sound the same. I had no idea that pop music can actuall make our brains worse. I have to look into this!


  by SharkApple Main Floor
Does certain colors appeal more to women?

To me, both men and women look best in white, gray, navy blue, and black. I honestly prefer this for myself and on women. All thoses colors go good with .......

  by Mr Dixon Main Floor
So I may have made a woops.

More waiting. I wish you the best with either outcome. 

  by Spider Main Floor
Looking to lose some weight


Originally posted by Hunter

Get yourself a kettlebell. Can't afford it? Use a db or .......

  by Jinx Main Floor
Anyone getting Black ops 3?

My boyfriend said not to waste your money on the CoD franchise anymore. They are crapping out bricks for games now haha



  by SharkApple Main Floor
How does this make you feel?

I guess this is how you take it. Logically speaking, anger has no height standard so to me, it is a pointless remark. 


  by Catman Main Floor
The "height" question?

I forgot I posted this. haha Yeah I ended up telling her and it slowly became nothing. She talked less, was suddenly busy... Blah blah. Ah well. A friend of .......

  by Jinx Main Floor
Tighter shirts


Originally posted by Dark Willow

I love baggy clothing but I know it makes me .......

  by ThatFlyShortGuy Main Floor
Do you smoke/drink/use drugs?

Definitely a pot-head = ) But a smart and devilishly handsome pot-head lol.

I rarely drink though, and no cigs. No other drugs either, although I'd do shrooms again if I .......

  by Sean1620 Main Floor
Dating & height with certain areas?
I knew this just from watching TV shows based in the cities. Like Sex in the City. The main man leaves the main woman for a model, cheats in his .......
  by SharkApple Main Floor
Would eating a high protein diet do anything?
Well it was worth thinking over. Thanks guys!....
  by Jinx Main Floor

Hi everyone. My name is Jason, but I go by Jinx. I am not sure my exactly sure what my height is but I have to be around 5'6. I'm .......

  by Jinx Main Floor


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