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Joined :2014-04-05
Name :Johnny Blaze
Gender :male
Height :5'7
Age :32

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"Would you date a shorter man?". Black woman goes apeshit on GMB

She is not bad looking but hearing her speak makes her a leper to me.

  by CorporateGuy Main Floor
Television host Waleed Aly issues on-air apology for short joke

To me this is like a first. You never see anyone acknowledge that height-shaming is a "thing" here in the states. 


  by TinyWizard Main Floor
It's always the undesirable women who have the most requirements

I agree what Flyguy is saying.

But i think big girls and undesireable women have been through a little more than the avarage woman. Therefore, if men are setting requirements, she .......

  by Multinational Main Floor
How does one respond to the accusation of having a "Napoleon Complex"?


Originally posted by multinational

It is 100% what we have been through. And you're not .......

  by Igotu226 Main Floor
"He was a great man but diminutive"

And just as bad is when the media refers to Michael J. Fox as a "pint-sized Clint Eastwood."


  by Johng383 Main Floor
Bruno Mars is the best short songwriter/entertainer since Billy Joel

He's a hottie. 

  by Maid Marian Main Floor
Dating a woman who is 3 inches taller...

If it were me I wouldn't take a woman like that too seriously. I'd have my fun while I could. 

  by HobbitLion Main Floor
What is your height and what size jeans do you wear?

5'6", need 28 inseam,

usually need tailoring if i buy 30 inseam. 28 inseam are not readily available.

  by Groove311 Main Floor
Dating is all about style folks...

Not saying that at all. Just saying that I don't care what anyone else thinks of me. I agree with you though. Confidence will not work if someone has already .......

  by JamesFreakingFranco Main Floor


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