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Joined :2015-06-07
Name :Hunter Hunter
Gender :male
Height :5'4
Age :0

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Sweatpants.... WHY!?


Originally posted by ShortNProud


Being a short man in America


Originally posted by Larry

It only sucks if you allow it to. Yeah, a lot .......

  by GoKnicks Main Floor
Jeans... JEANS!?

Nice find Jinx, I am going to check these out for myself.


  by Bonez Main Floor

Thanks for the feedback. I continued reading on them and decided to just wait. We have a local tailor in the area who will be back soon. I don't want .......

  by Hunter Main Floor
Melissa McCarthy's husband

I don't get why it matters if he likes big women or not. He is dating a woman who is his height. Yes, she is bigger but so what. Size .......

  by James007 Main Floor
I see it more in movies

This is true for shows too. You have to look at the cast. Not all shows, mostly action ones.


  by Dale Main Floor
Apt 9

Is this a brand that is found as a certain store? I never heard of it myself. I am not a huge shopper though. I tend to just let people .......

  by James007 Main Floor
Why are heels needed in the workplace?

Heels are so stupid to me. I mean women complain about having to wear them to be taller for their boyfriend... DATE SHORTER MEN! lol

  by Bonez Main Floor
Anyone else feel like 5 pounds gained looks like 30?


Originally posted by ShortNProud

You are not alone. My weight goes up and down all .......

  by Hunter Main Floor
25 Problems Every Short Man Faces In His Life

Cars are a pain in the butt. I do understand why women complain after their husband's or boyfriends use their cars. lol

  by Spider Main Floor
Dating in LA sucks

Why not try to date or meet women in the less city-vibe areas? All the fake people flock to where more people are to show off. lol

  by Spider Main Floor
New guy

Welcome to the forum. I am some what new myself.

  by Mouse Main Floor


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