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Joined :2014-04-05
Name :Johnny Blaze
Gender :male
Height :5'6
Age :2015

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B-b-but if it were short women saying this about short men it'd be OK!

  by HobbitLion Main Floor
Custom Suits?

I've literally bought suit jackets and full suits from every major retailer you can think with the most recent being Uniqlo because they generally have smaller sizes. I can't seem .......

  by HobbitLion Main Floor
Ever won a fight against a guy taller than you?
I got in a lot of fights back in high school and won most of them. I was and still am a strong mofo. When I was in high school .......
  by TheDestroyer Main Floor
Naturalheightgrowth is a scam

To me it has snake oil written all over it. Pitching a bunch of products that will never make anyone grow and supposed doctors who have made advances in height .......

  by HobbitLion Main Floor
I am the resident heightism crime fighter

Hi. I'm Jeff. I joined this site because I heard of it over on r/short. I am a heightism activist, so most of my contributions will be for that purpose. .......

  by HobbitLion Main Floor
Woman sues in heightism case and wins $215,000

Pretty interesting case where a woman sues for not being able to receive full time work in the Sherrif's department because of her 4'7 stature. I think it is interesting .......

  by HobbitLion Main Floor


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