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Joined :2014-04-19
Name :Harry Montana
Gender :male
Height :5'6
Age :2015

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How short people can respond to insults

  by HarryManiac Main Floor
Baggy or skinny pants?

Skinny jeans, but not too tight. The coconuts have to breathe.

  by HobbitLion Main Floor
Asian boss asks women if they would date shorter guys

Seemed like most girls over 5'6 said height mattered.

  by Dale Main Floor
Carlton got married.
Typical hating. If he were single they would be busy making fun of him. Now that he is married and happy they have to cut him down.....
  by Joshbaskins Main Floor
Short guys stay married longer than tall guys
Sorry to bump and old thread but this is interesting. I never heard this before. It does make sense that since taller men can date both short and tall women, .......
  by Dale Main Floor
Do you get to date a lot of hot women? 8/10+?
Manlet007 what is your race/ethnicity?....
  by HarryManiac Main Floor
Doctors turn wood into bone

This is from a few years ago that may have some impact on height increase

New Artificial Bone Made of Wood

  by HarryManiac Main Floor
Any of you consider yourselves to be incel?
So you have a bunch of women approaching you and you turn them all down? I've never heard of a guy doing that! Plenty of average height and taller men .......
  by Captainjack987 Main Floor
I like AtEyeLevel!

Welcome to the forum!

  by BrickOdyssey Main Floor


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