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Joined :2014-05-07
Name :Edison Ramierz
Gender :male
Height :5'6
Age :31

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Does Height Matter? (Man Asks Drunk Women)

of course it matters, I can't even watch these videos because I know the answer especially with a lot of drunk attractive girls, maybe you might get the "nerdy" girl .......

  by D11221 Main Floor
Why do so many women believe short men can't have big hoo-has?


Originally posted by hardshortworker

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was banging out .......

  by Ant675 Main Floor
Is the site NaturalHeightGrowth full of crap?

Me too



  by Fashionrcd Main Floor
Being Short for Girls vs Guys

Being Short For Girls vs Guys | ShortGuyCentral

  by Hardshortworker Main Floor
Your income and height

I have to agree with Kelly. Money makes people in general feel more confident and money can buy you anything, including friends and attractive women.

  by Dez Main Floor
Being a short guy on Tinder

Height plays a factor on Tinder but it isn't a lost cause. Most men who are too fat or too bald get rejected more than shorter men. I know because .......

  by Jelly Kelly Main Floor
Happy New Year!

I'm a few days early, but I wanted to be the first! Happy New Year! Hope the forum continues to grow! This is a great place!

  by Hardshortworker Main Floor
I will never lend somebody money again
Next time tell them to go to a bank for a loan!....
  by SullyOs Main Floor
4chan has a new short guy sub

It's called /manlet/ -

Pretty sure it's a stupid joke.

  by Hardshortworker Main Floor
Tall guys more insecure than short guys?


There is a lot of truth in this video. I notice a lot of taller men go out of their way to bash short guys. Could .......

  by Hardshortworker Main Floor
Recommend a good ten speed bike?

Any bike riders here? Which brand or model do you use or recommend for a guy on the short side?

  by Hardshortworker Main Floor
Wage gaps between short and tall people?
Why do you agree that taller people are smarter on average? What evidence do you have to supply for this assertion other than confirmation bias? Can't this same reasoning be .......
  by Hardshortworker Main Floor


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