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It is going to be even harder for short guys to get girls in the US

Here in the Bronx you see that a lot. It's usually the lower class ratchet types though. A lot of women up here seem dumbfounded when you point out that .......

  by Suarez223 Main Floor
Was there any defining moment where you realized you are short?


Originally posted by d11221

for me it was this commercial, I remember I had the .......

  by Joshbaskins Main Floor
Short guy mockery on the internet

Yeah, I was just about to post this video as it was on the news. I haven't seen the youtube version of this yet, but I'm almost positive that it .......

  by Minilinebacker Main Floor
Miley Cyrus making "heightism" a little more acceptable among females

I'm shocked she stated 5'9"!!!  I am surprised she didn't say 6'4"...female preference seems to be trending taller and taller.  Pretty soon 6 feet won't be enough. 

  by Oneshortguy Main Floor
The fake President of the US is promoting Heightism
He is a jerk doubtlessly.....
  by Marshal Main Floor
Is it normal to hate woman?

I think it is pretty normal to hate women, especially as a short guy really doing an effort in the datinglife. 

I once had hatred towards women in many years and .......

  by Multinational Main Floor
Comments on Caroline Wozniackis "upgrade"

not only are the writers heavily female, but their demographics show they have more female readers than males, and I am willing to bet those Dating and gossip columns are .......

  by D11221 Main Floor
Youtube Pranks are a good case study in seeing girls hate on short guy

Can you link some of those pranks?

  by ThatFlyShortGuy Main Floor


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