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5'6 Mat Fraser - The Fittest Man On Planet Earth

  by CopperTop Main Floor
Anyone here Short and Black?

Im "half" black on the lighter side. 

Here in Denmark, the only black people are from somalia.
Despite of heavily tan as i am, or black. We all get the .......

  by Multinational Main Floor
OK Cupid now lists height in Tinder style feature

I've been using tinder for 2½ years now. And back then, noone was listing height. But i did notice that women tend not to have their height anymore unless they .......

  by Multinational Main Floor
Short woman who thinks short men are hot but won't date them

Up to what I understood she doesnt like RELATIONSHIPS despite the height unless the relationship is headed to marriage.

  by Heightismzone Main Floor
Watches for thinner wrists?

I have very thin wrists and cannot seem to find watch bands that disallow my watches to wiggle. Where can I find thin quality wristbands?

  by CopperTop Main Floor
Reddit Post: "As A Plus-Sized Woman, What's Irritates You In Dating?"

would have to completely disagree that being an overweight women is in any way similar to being a short man.  this analogy fails on so many levels.  a more apt comparison .......

  by Ahimsa42 Main Floor
Tall Woman Short Man - What is the tallest you've dated?

The shortest guy I dated was 5'1, yes 5'1.


  by Enigma27 Main Floor


Originally posted by SharkApple

This is an example of POOR ME complexes. Instead of changing .......

  by Mr Dixon Main Floor


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