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Joined :2015-03-01
Gender :male
Height :5'5
Age :2015

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This feature already exists. You just click on the "receive notifications upon reply" and you'll get alerts.

  by CorporateGuy Front Desk
Jealousy seems to effect taller people...


Originally posted by GoKnicks

I also don't buy women don't love muscle. Maybe some don't .......

  by James007 Main Floor
Hair question...


Originally posted by jackman

I shave my head. I know what ya'll are probably thinking... .......

  by Catman Main Floor
Issues signing in

I was having this problem till I updated Chrome. Try that.

  by Spider Front Desk
How can you stand up for yourself without being a d*** about it?


Originally posted by Dez



Find brands that aren't as mainstream. Or go for skater brands. They tend to be shorter and tighter fitting.

  by Dez Main Floor
Do fat women suffer as much as us short men?

What I don't get is how bigger women want pitty from people because us men are such evil pigs. Please. These same women, if they did lose the weight, would .......

  by Dez Main Floor
Is online dating a good idea?

Thanks for all your feedback. I get what a lot of you mean. People tend to be a bit more about appearance on them and a bit more shallow but .......

  by Catman Main Floor
How soon do you make your move?

It sounds like she may not want to commit to sex honestly. I have known some women in the past who will not have sex for the 1st year of .......

  by Spider Main Floor
Had to share this

It is funny because Hollywood and the fashion industry have ruined everything. They make people feel bad about themselves and not worthy of being beautiful or attractive. Sick.

  by Larry Main Floor
Best Jim Carey movies?

Thanks guys! I completely forgot about half of these. We are doing it tmorrow so I will be picking these up shortly. 

  by Catman Main Floor
Kevin James

Kevin James is one of them comedians that got by because he was friends with someone else who was actually funny. No offense to this guy but he just dont .......

  by Hunter Main Floor
Do you think women change with age?


Originally posted by Spider

Well most people change not just women. I think they say .......

  by Larry Main Floor
A friend got asked out by a taller woman...

I see you haven't been on  in a bit, what happened with this? I know someone who is/was the same way and he ended up marrying someone 3 inches taller .......

  by ShortNProud Main Floor
What is your summer go-to clothing?

I live in shorts and sleevless tanks. I am on the smaller side but I feel like I can pull it off even though I am skinny.

  by Dez Main Floor
Thoughts on this?


Originally posted by 2B Frank My girlfriend watches the .......
  by Bonez Main Floor
Jerseys... *sigh*
I mean you could get a woman's size, but they would be very small. I have a few NBA ones in XL for women and I swear, there are tight .......
  by SharkApple Main Floor
Currently dating anyone?
Don't beat yourself up GoKnicks. We all make mistakes.....
  by Catman Main Floor
White or Black?

Great points, thanks all. I guess it does make sense that black is slimming.

  by Catman Main Floor


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