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Joined :2014-06-03
Name :Anthony 
Gender :male
Height :5'6
Age :2017

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Could that jerk Reuben Foster have made it if he were 5'6?

The jerk was released from the 49ers on Domestic Violence charges and it left me wondering. What would the headlines look like if he were just 5'6 instead of 6'1?

Here .......

  by Ant675 Main Floor
Measure Of A Man (1988 Chicago Tribune Article)

Measure Of A Man
Gauging Charm By Inches Is The Height Of Idiocy
November 06, 1988 | By Evelyn Storr Smart.


Original Article Here


``He`s terrific,`` I said to my .......

  by Ant675 Main Floor
"Being short makes men more violent"

i didnt read the article, but there is truth to it. And my personal experience over the past 5 years. It couldnt be more accurate in many instances. Altho there .......

  by Multinational Main Floor
Height Of US Presidents Since 1900


Originally posted by Suarez223

It's well known that Americans want a tall man to represent .......

  by Fanoffans Main Floor
Asian woman calls man racist after being rude to him because of height

  by Ant675 Main Floor
Chemical Rexalin might make you grow taller.


Originally posted by Spider

The body can heal cavities in the teeth, mend bones, and .......

  by ShortNProud Main Floor
Is Bono from U2 insecure about his height?
I cringe at stuff like this. It makes him look a bit insecure though you can wear whatever you want I guess. I think it's damned if you do, damned .......
  by ThatFlyShortGuy Main Floor
Watches anyone?

Fossil offers men's watches in smaller sizes : Go here

  by Bonez Main Floor
Women who talk trash about short guys
Ignore them. If you know them personally or work with them, put them in their places. If you don't, they will keep on and on.....
  by HarryManiac Main Floor
Which is worse for a guy? Being short, bald or fat?
Depends on the person. Wasn't Phil Collins bald? Jason Statham is balding? And bald is in these days. A guy can just shave his hair off. Short is subjective and .......
  by HobbitLion Main Floor
What can I do to make myself more attractive?
  by Evilbaga Main Floor


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