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Why Short Men Have Just As Much Sex As Their Taller Counterparts
Dating   Wednesday, December 23, 2015   0 Comments
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If you're a shorter guy, odds are your romantic history has been a mixed bag (not unlike anyone else's by the way...). Keep in mind, when I say "shorter", I mean anything under 5'10, which is usually the point after which many women consider you "tall". The typical challenge confronting shorter men is overcoming the height prejudice that is prevalent among many women. If you don't meet their arbitrary definition of a great guy, which sometimes includes being over a certain height, then even if you're prime dad material or a stud in the sack, you're automatically ruled out. Not all women hate short men of course, and probably not even most women (though research says otherwise), but heightists are most definitely out there - just browse any dating website.


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That said, a recent study done at Chapman University in California has discovered that not only are short men sexy, but they get in on a lot of the action that only their taller counterparts are thought to enjoy. According to the study, all men surveyed over 5'5 enjoyed an average of seven sexual partners. Yes, you read that correctly. The Ken Jeongs and Daniel Radcliffes of the world reach the 'promised land of romance' just as reliably as the George Clooneys and Kobe Bryants.

The study used anonymous survey data of 60,058 heterosexual men and women in the US, compiled in 2006. On an interesting side note, the women surveyed who were over 6' tended to have a lower number of sexual partners than their shorter counterparts - six compared to seven.

Though the articles which reported this research sought to stick to the typical heightist 'taller is better narrative', the reality is that short men do just as well as tall men when it comes to intimacy. Should this be celebrated? Perhaps. After all, society preaches that shorter men are less capable and less masculine. The shining star in this article, is the aforementioned overlooked point. What isn't made clear is when all of those notches are added to the belt. Many short men can confirm that when they reached their thirties and forties, women who wouldn't give them the time of day in their twenties all of a sudden develop an open mind and line up to give short guys a chance.

A lot of that is probably due to the diminishing role that appearance plays in choosing a partner as everyone gets older. Suddenly, cardigans and khakis can turn a woman on - Who knew? If you have plenty of female friends, you've probably noticed this to be especially prominent among those you've known for a long time. As some of the alpha males they used to know have burned or washed out, are busy paying huge amounts of child support and alimony and are otherwise unavailable, it's the runner ups who make it across the border and are welcomed with open arms to deliver that ring. Right....


Height And Dating: Short Men Have Just As Much Sex As Taller Men | ShortGuyCentral

Short Men (5'5-5'7) have just as much sex as their taller counterparts | Source: FiveThirtyEight


There is a catch to this happy-go-luck tale however. It's not all roses for every shorter gentleman. The study also found that men classified as "very short", or ranging from 5'2 to 5'4, had an average of 5 sexual partners. That's a full two less than all the other men. Does this mean the Kevin Harts and Princes of the world may only measure up to the LeBrons and Christian Bales on the silver screen? Not at all. While many women do have height requirements, it doesn't mean that very short men don't have a chance. It's also important to note that in any given population sampling for a study like this, the height range of would most likely mirror that of overall society. How many men are under 5'4 compared to those in the 5'5-6'4 range? Perhaps just as many as those over 6'5. How many men over 6'6 participated in this study? What did they report? The study doesn't provide that data to contrast. 


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It is fair then to assert that short men, even very short men can hang with the rest of the big boys. Celebrity figures probably don't make ideal examples for arguing this point, but the fact remains - they did it, and so can you.

Peter Dinklage, alias Tyrion Lannister doesn't need to bed every woman on set to establish his dominance. You can see it in the way the actor carries himself. And, hint hint, if you haven't seen his wife Erica Schmidt, she's a total babe.
Manny Pacquaio, boxing champion and consummate politician, almost checked out after being caught cheating with not one, but two mistresses. While that kind of behavior may not be kosher, doesn't the guy still get points for proving that a short guy can get it done? After all, the women trying to bed them surely have plenty of taller options. Play the field with self-assurance, develop your best traits, and ditch your bad habits.

It's a man's world out there, short or tall. Are you ready to seize it?


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