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Why Short Men Make Better Husbands
Dating   Wednesday, December 23, 2015   0 Comments
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According to research conducted by Konkuk University, Seoul, South Korea, a tall husband equates to a happier wife. This is yet another biased research meant to undermine short guys. Let me begin by pointing out that the hypotheses the research sought to disprove or credit are informed by society's preconceived perceptions of short guys and consequently are in and of themselves heightist.


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So here's a few reasons why there is a serious problem with this study as well as its findings:

First - In considering the height difference within a couple, why is the focus on the man? Yet, when considering happiness, focus is on the wife's happiness. Granted, as many married men will agree, having a happy wife more than likely equates to a happier husband, however since the data was being collected for analytical purposes, it would also make sense to gauge the happiness of both partners to remain objective. 

Second - Compare the objectives of this research to other studies done that 'prove' that short guys make better husbands. 'Better' in this case translate to attributes that can be easily explained - For example, they contribute more financially, are more likely to be faithful and are more involved in family life. In this particular study, the researchers try to establish a more abstract concept; the happiness of the wife. What does it mean to be 'happy' in this case? The lead researcher, Kitae Sohn goes as far as to state that the women who participated cannot explain why they liked taller men and what about being married to one made them 'happier'. 

Third - The same research showed that the inverse relationship between height and happiness declines over time and in 18 years completely disappears. By the time a couple has been married 18 years, height really does not matter anymore. Why would this be the case? The researchers agree that the most probable reasons is familiarity breeding contempt: During the dating period, height is viewed almost as the holy grail. Women who consider themselves 'lucky' get the tall guys. With time, after marriage, the wives slowly begin to realize and the tall men are taken off the idealistic pedestal. They come to be viewed as regular guys, because honestly we do not live in caves and trees where height would be an advantage for survival. It's kind of like the feelings associated with an exciting new christmas toy on Christmas compared to the feelings associated with the same toy 10 months later.



Short Men Dating: Women Married To Tall Men Are Not Happier | ShortGuyCentral

According To This Study, Height Becomes Meaningless After 18 Years | Source: MzMahoganyChic


It does not add up to say that women who are married to tall men are happier than the wives of shorter men yet research has shown that the divorce rate of taller men is significantly higher. So women married to tall men are definitely happier and at the same time more likely to divorce? 

You could also say that while women's preferences determine to some extent who they pair up with, they also point to their character and their priorities in life. A woman who would define her ideal man using physical attributes such as height, weight and build is more likely to be superficial than a woman whose ideal man is defined by personality such as kind, funny e.t.c. To explain it simply, a woman who marries a man based on his appearance is more likely to be unfaithful and not content.


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Another aspect to consider is the unquestioning support and acceptance the research received in comparison to the numerous researches in recent times that establish the opposite as true. This research has been quoted in articles, conversation in a manner that would suggest it is viewed as gospel truth.This can be translated as people being willing to accept as truth that which affirms their conviction.

A New York University study conducted by Dalton Conley and Abigail Weitzman with data collected from 5000 families in over 50 years adds another perspective; not only are short men better partners but their relationships last longer. Here's a study with findings worth celebrating; According to a Hungarian study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, short guys have the last laugh. While single tall men go on more dates and consequently have more sex than short guys, the inverse is true after marriage. 

Note: While as short guys, we are predisposed to being better husbands, ultimately a successful and happy marriage is dependent on the commitment of the parties involved. It's each man's decision (and responsibility) to ensure his wife is appreciated, loved and happy.


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