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Adriana Lima Shuts Down Justin Bieber And Short Guys Everywhere
Entertainment   Sunday, December 13, 2015   0 Comments
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Adriana Lima was recently a guest in 'Watch What Happens Live' hosted by Andy Cohen. During the show the question of rumored romance between herself and 5' 9" Justin Bieber came up. First and foremost, every woman including Adriana has every right to have her dating preferences for her personal reasons. It is not our place to judge Adriana Lima for her preferences and at the end of the day whether or not they did date is between the two of them. Her response; 'Let me tell you, Okay , I am going to tell you this; Anybody below 6' 7 you know what I call them? 'Friends.'


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It is not just her words that were completely inappropriate, her facial expression, eye rolling, head shaking and body language while addressing question were completely uncalled for especially from someone in the limelight viewed as an opinion shaper. 

Of course, Adriana is not the first celebrity to be quizzed about dating rumors, Usually however, the rumors are confirmed or denied with dignity and grace, not by insulting men the world over an aspect of their person which they cannot control. Instead of addressing a question directed to her about one individual, she turns around and "friend-zones" 99% of men. Well her prerogative right?

Its also important to point out to her that out of the millions of men in America of all sizes and personalities, her dating pool is limited to only around 140,000, over 99 percent of men are simply too short for her, factoring in the already married men in the category and those who do not meet other criteria, she will be left with only a handful of men to pick from - But that is her loss. Strangely, Adriana herself is not super tall at 5' 10" she is actually one of the shorter models in the industry increasing the irony of the situation. Also with all due respect to both parties, her marriage to 6' 7" Marko Jaric ended in divorce, therefore she probably needs to reevaluate what she considers since her height criteria is not working.


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Considering that it was probably an attempt to be funny, it needs to be clear that there is a world of difference between being caddish and being funny. The same applies to Padma Lakshmi who joined in adding, 'You would tower over him. Wouldn't you?'. It is no longer okay to make derogatory comments based on physical characters such as skin colour, weight and the same applies for height. It is in no way funny and neither is it right. 


Height And Dating: Adriana Lima And Marko Jaric Won't Last Despite The Height Difference | ShortGuyCentral

Having A Tall Man Is Supposed To Be Better For A Marriage. Not In Lima's Case | Source: People


It is a shame that Adriana Lima being a high profile model with considerable influence, would choose to use the platform provided to demean and resort to heightist remarks on a show that is viewed by thousands. Being a role model goes beyond the runway to how you treat people of all kinds, it means not making uncalled for negative comments based on appearance and definitely not judging people on appearance.


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